Uplifting conversations, unlikely friends and other random wonders.

Life never ceases to fascinate me.

We are constantly reminded that man plans, God laughs, and it takes just the blink of an eye for even the most well structured day to go to hell in a handbasket.

Even if we harbor the illusion that we are in control, life shows us differently time and time again.  It’s a mystery that we will never fully solve or understand, no matter how hard we try.  Continue reading “Uplifting conversations, unlikely friends and other random wonders.”

Respect. Honor. Sacrifice.

When most Americans think of Memorial Day, they conjure up images of beach destinations, barbecues and the first official weekend of flip-flop season. It’s a carefree few days filled with fun, laughs and when the weather permits, lots of outdoor activities.

They plan what time the traffic will be at a minimum, load the cooler and pack the sunscreen. Jimmy Buffet sings a tune and everyone looks forward to wasting away in Margaritaville.

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Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Despite the fact that most people crave sunshine on a cloudy day, I must admit that a bit of rain does wonders for my soul.

The sound of water hitting the roof and pummeling the windows while the wind howls is somehow soothing. The smell of rain when it falls upon freshly cut grass is aromatic and oddly tantalizing. People vacate the streets, making it a perfect day for a walk with plenty of room to wander.

The mind quiets. The body relaxes. The heart is fulfilled. And the soul – just pure magic, what else can I say.

How do you feel about the rain?

One hot weekend morn.

Summer is fast approaching and the 80+ degree temperatures say it’s so.

Tell me it’s not so.

Though the season holds some joy – like flip flops along with a more carefree vibe in work and play – it’s never been high on my list of favorites. I suffer through it, counting the minutes until the first brisk day hits the calendar.  Bring on Fall. Welcome Winter. Isn’t Spring fun?  But please NOT summer. Continue reading “One hot weekend morn.”

To the young woman who is afraid to fly.

As it seems to go these days, I find myself deep in thought and buried within the recesses of my soul. These moments can be vivid, acute and ever present. They can also be blurred, chronic and show up suddenly in the most unexpected of moments – a strike of lightening that shocks my reality, beckoning me to drift away for a bit and inviting me to revisit so many things: experiences, memories and lessons learned.

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The Art of Dining.

As I was preparing the evening meal, my mind was cooking up a slew of thoughts and memories.

The woman who stood at the counter slicing fresh vegetables to mix with olive oil and a variety of spices and seasonings while waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature was not a stranger to me. She’d always been full of surprises and not one to be easily defined or predictable in nature. In actuality, she was often an enigma even to herself.

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Woman disjointed.

As a writer, a topic typically strikes my fancy and percolates.  That topic takes a life of its own, traveling with me as my day to day responsibilities and commitments are tackled while the story itself takes shape in my mind.

It ebbs and flows.  It is acute and present, then fades and retreats.  But all the while, it’s baking and in time, rises to meet that moment when I am ready to put pen to paper – or fingers to the keyboard, playing each letter like a piano concerto, immersed in the melody my mind orchestrates. Continue reading “Woman disjointed.”

If you have something good to say – SAY IT!

It seems people these days are easily inflamed.  We see it on the roads, in random stores and on social media.  Especially on social media.

During what has been a difficult and tumultuous year for many, we don’t seem to be uniting and finding strength in numbers. We seem more divided than ever and I wonder some days if we will find our way back to a more civil, courteous and respectful society where people actually try a bit harder to get along. Continue reading “If you have something good to say – SAY IT!”

In honor of Dr. Barbara, a dear family friend.

That moment when the start of a sentence is a strong indicator of how it will end.

“I am heartbroken. My Mom, my biggest fan, my partner in so many adventures, the love of my life has passed away.”

Boom. There it is. She’s gone. When? How? Why? What happened? This can’t be real.

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Six reasons why I will continue to call my dog a fur baby.

Taking a scroll through my Facebook news feed – the equivalent of a cigarette break, if I smoked – I stopped short.  Swiping back up the page, it was confirmed that the words I read were correct.

The article was titled Some Moms Are Urging People to Stop Calling Their Pets “Fur Babies”.  And let it be known that it was written well, I enjoyed it and it did not bash dog moms.  It was an interesting read with thoughtful perspective.

My initial reaction wasn’t based on the fact that my family and I refer to my beloved Vivienne as a fur-baby.  Because we do.  That along with Dog Mom, Crazy Dog Lady and some other fun labels from time to time. Continue reading “Six reasons why I will continue to call my dog a fur baby.”