When did kindness go out of fashion?

While taking a late night Facebook scroll, I counted six posts within seconds that asked people to ‘please be kind when responding’ to questions that seemed quite sincere in requesting advice.

The people placed trust in an online community, hoping that someone else experienced what they are currently enduring and could offer some words of wisdom.

Repeatedly the plea was made for kindness, asking others to reply in a gentle and compassionate manner.

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On being your own best friend.

Do you find yourself irritated by selfish partners, friends, and family? Upset because as much as you reach out to them, remembering their important events and what ails them, it’s never reciprocated?

Here’s some tough love. It’s not them. It’s you.

If you find this happening not once, but again and again – what’s wrong with you? Why do you continue to put effort into those who care nothing about putting effort into you?

Yes, we accept people for who they are but at some point, we should cut our losses. We should seek to find partners and friends who meet us where we are. Who step up and be present in our lives. Because it goes both ways.

And if one way is all you’ve been experiencing, maybe it’s time to reconsider your relationships.

At the end of each day, you need to be your own best friend. That’s who you have at the end of any day – and a pet, if you’re so fortunate. Most, not all, people are inherently selfish.

Learn how to thrive alone. Learn how to channel your energy into activities that make you feel good – and give back to the world at large. Appreciate your solitude and manage your time wisely.

Stop focusing on those who continuously let you down and remember – you’re the only one who will be there for you at the end of each day.

What is Memorial Day?

There is confusion among some on the difference between Memorial and Veterans Day. Ask a child today what the difference is and many don’t know. Something to do with veterans. Something to do with the military. Something to do with flags.

I respect anyone who tries, anyone who respects our military and those who have served and sacrificed. I respect those who fly the flag, even if they’re unaware of proper protocol. I respect the fact that they are patriotic and harbor a love for country and national pride.

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When it’s not a happy Mother’s Day for some.

We are so quick to say, “Happy Mother’s Day,” without remembering that this may not be a particularly happy day for all.

We see you. We hear you. Some of us may even be you.

There are moms who have passed on, leaving a void in our hearts forever. There are moms who were never present or negligent, leaving another type of void within us.

There are those who couldn’t have children, and those who never got the chance to. Those who have lost children and those who regret the child that could have been.

Whether you’re celebrating today, or simply trying to get past the occasion, please remember that Mother’s Day doesn’t look the same for everyone. Like everything in life, it’s not a one size fits all.

And for those who say dogs and cats don’t count as ‘children,’ we will have none of it! Fur-moms unite.

Stop. Read. Respond.

People don’t read anymore. I’m not talking books or newspapers, magazines or periodicals. I’m talking emails, texts, and social posts. They may see the words, yet they fail to comprehend.

It seems some are pruned to pick out key words – then string together their perceived intent of a message. Or, they respond impulsively, seeing one word then jumping to conclusions.

It’s a pet peeve, and a big one, and I’m far from perfect. There’s been a time or two – maybe many more – when I’ve read too quickly, responded even faster, and missed the point. Despite my best efforts, I’d failed.

But it’s occasional, not habitual, and it seems that ‘not reading’ is the new norm.

I experience it at work as well as with personal and social correspondence. I see it even more as I peruse social media, people arguing back and forth because one or the other didn’t comprehend – or consciously read – the message put forth.

We’ve become a society of humans that don’t read to comprehend.

We rush through our emails and countless messages, then respond to check off a box – done. I responded.

We are harried and believe multi-tasking is a requirement, not an option.

We want to overachieve and in turn, we wind up not doing anything really well – even though we’re doing it all.

May we slow down and even dare to stop, read, then respond. Nearly 100% of the issues in life arise from not reading, not listening, or lacking the courage to speak-up and communicate.