The pure bliss of simplicity.

So many rush around, filling every minute of their life with things to do. I’m no exception with the responsibilities and commitments I’ve taken on, scheduled and on the run much of the time.

Yet I seek out all opportunities to just simply be. I love to sleep in when I can, start the day whenever it starts then take it from there. I cherish time at home and can stay here for extended periods of time, by choice, surrounded by all of the things that bring me comfort and joy – my dog, books, music, the kitchen, to name a few.

Ambience is important to me and time is a luxury, so this morning I enjoyed the process of making breakfast then slowly savoring each bite. I made the time to stretch, tuning in to my aching body which hasn’t been my friend as of late. I played with my little dog, then sat with her on my lap, sipping hot tea, basking in the glow of our lit Christmas tree on this dark and rainy day. And having to end this time is bittersweet, but advance plans were made and life calls.

Find ways to incorporate peace and relaxation into every day. Use an in-shower spray to create an instant spa, opening the sinuses and awakening the senses. Light a candle and take in the aroma, closing your eyes for even just a moment. Breathe in deeply and stretch, allowing your body to de-stress and decompress. Taste your food, enjoying each bite while focusing on the flavor as it satiates your hunger.

The point is, putting into practice the act of such simple pleasures can enhance your life and bring a sense of calm, peace, and joy. Don’t wait. Do something special today, and every day.

This too, shall pass.

Some days are just lousy. Ok – we can say that these days just plain suck.

And there doesn’t have to be a particular reason.

We can wake up on the wrong side of bed – no matter how much we have to be grateful for. We can be in a mood – and even more annoyed by the fact that we can’t pinpoint one single reason to be in that mood. We can feel an overall sense of irritation – recognizing that we need to find a way to get through the day without causing damage to others.

We know that it’s just a day, 24 or less hours that we must show up and be as on our game as possible.

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The sound, of silence.

Have you ever sat in silence, affording yourself the opportunity to focus on a moment – or longer? Fully immersed yourself in simply being?

It’s a ritual of mine to reflect after almost all occasions, to sit comfortably and allow myself to relax physically, while mentally exploring the recesses of my soul. This involves recalling experiences, deep contemplation, and a cascade of feelings that don’t require validation, but rather a time when answers are revealed effortlessly. These are fluid moments in time when the thinking cap is removed, letting the soul speak.

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Gratitude and thanks.

Today, I give thanks for my loved ones and the good people in my life.

I reflect upon our history of Thanksgiving dinners, missing those who have passed. Each of them takes a piece of our heart when they go, but we keep them close each and every day.

I am grateful for those who are true, those who are honest and genuine; selfless and kind.

I cherish each moment and count my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving.

In Honor of Those who Served – Past, Present, and Future.

As the grandchild of a career U.S. Navy, Pearl Harbor Survivor who fought in all the major battles of the Pacific, the daughter of a Vietnam Era U.S. Army Drill Sergeant, and family of those who served in all branches of the service, I am honored to be crafting this November piece to commemorate Veterans Day.

November is known as Military Family Month, a time when we celebrate the contributions and sacrifices made by not only our service men and women, but the families of our U.S. Armed Forces. The U.S. Marine Corps Birthday falls on November 10th, and of course Veterans Day falls on November 11th – the anniversary date of the signing of the armistice which ended World War I and the day when we thank all veterans for their service. Continue reading “In Honor of Those who Served – Past, Present, and Future.”

The Poison of Partisan Politics.

No matter what political party you affiliate with, it should never stand in the way of you being a decent human being.

We can all have our opinions, beliefs, and perspectives. We can be pro-something or anti-anything, yet agree to disagree.

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People can be such a disappointment.

What a dour title for this post – yet it’s true and a reality we all face. People can be such a disappointment.

I’m elated with age and how it liberates us in many ways. The things we thought were important when we were young, aren’t. The insecurities we allowed to handicap us, dissipate. The time spent on worrying about things that really didn’t matter, stops. Continue reading “People can be such a disappointment.”

Make tomorrow, today.

There was a man who waited his entire life to take a trip out west. He’d dreamed of traveling across the plains on horseback and hiking the mountains with sightings of wildlife all around him. He had the money. He had vacation time saved up. He just hadn’t made the time to plan and schedule his trip. Then he died.

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