Safety first, and always.

I find myself using the word ‘safe’ more and more these days.  As a child, our parents would tell us to be safe and we’d be bothered by it. We thought them to be no fun or overprotective, only wanting to control us.  We hardly, if ever, heeded their advice and weren’t smart enough to know that such a small word was filled with enormous amounts of love, care and wisdom.

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The magic of spontaneity.

I went to a movie tonight.

You’re probably saying, big deal. Who cares? People go to the movies all the time, and you’re right.

But not me. I hadn’t been to a movie since 2010, the year bed bugs were becoming a national issue. No joke (my last movie outing, not the bed bug epidemic which was also, no joke).

The last movie I went to, in a cinema, was The Town, in Framingham, Massachusetts. And like tonight, the memorable correlation was spontaneity. Again I’d not been to a movie in ages, worked too much and didn’t think about such recreational pleasures.

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Don’t let memories blind you from reality.

In conversing with a friend tonight, we chatted about relationships and other lessons life has offered us. Whether it be family, friends or romance, relationships can be complex – or rather the people within the relationships can be complicated.

I was thinking about my most recent relationship. I love him, always will – but I didn’t love our relationship and that is why I finally needed to part ways.  It wasn’t healthy for me. And I realized that I wasn’t healthy for him, even if that wasn’t his decision. I may never move on, who knows, but he afforded me the opportunity to work through my own issues. There’s a lesson within every relationship – and he may have been my best.

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Little losses. Big impact.

Just shy of two years ago, I committed to this blog and posted my first daily thought, point to ponder and soulful reflection.

It was about a neighbor who isn’t aware of the impact he has on our lives. He is a staple in our neighborhood and when the nice weather arrives, if he’s not sitting outside in his comfy chair, taking in the fresh air, the day is not the same. When we walk or drive by, his wave is filled with warmth and friendliness. We have come to depend on him to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our faces.

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What our loved ones really want.

*Photo disclaimer – this is not Vivienne, my six-pound powerhouse of a dog. 

After a dinner break with family this evening, I had to get back to work.  The reality is I spend 12-14 hours each day working and that is not a complaint – it is a choice and something I love to do.  I’m sure to schedule breaks for a stretch, some fetch time with my fur-baby and the such, but tonight I was reminded of something.

Even after the dinner break. Even after quality time with my fur-baby and undivided attention from my parents and I, it just wasn’t enough for her.

Now granted, my little fur-wonder is spoiled in all upper case letters – SPOILED. I used to say loved, but she is spoiled. I admit it and take full responsibility. We all do, everyone in my family. But can we help it?!  NO!

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All by myself.

I came to the realization tonight that I’ve taken for granted my ability to be alone. Before now, I never realized what a gift it truly is.

During my sometimes daily, sometimes less often Facebook scroll this evening, posts from some of the over age 50 traveling solo groups were in the feed. I joined these groups because I love seeing women – people in general – living their best lives. Plus, traveling vicariously seems to work quite well for me these days and I relish in traveling along online, all over the world.

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Successfully single – or not. The choice is yours.

About 20 or so years ago, I hosted a workshop titled “Successfully Single” and the objective was to guide others in living a single life – successfully.

What exactly does that mean?

It means finding peace, joy and contentment in your singleness. It means transforming loneliness into solitude and creating a space for interior exploration and adventures. It means changing your perspective and not feeling alone, but finding fulfillment within yourself. When you accept your single status and become comfortable on your own, the possibilities are truly endless.

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It’s National Police Week. Please join me in thanking and backing our men and women in blue.

The public outrage against law enforcement astounds me. It feels as if overnight cops went from being viewed as highly respected heroes who were revered, to despicable humans who are hated and feared.


Yes, there are some unscrupulous cops – and priests, doctors, firefighters, nurses, politicians, retail workers, corporate sharks and more. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, pious and evil. Yet the few bad apples do not spoil the bunch. The number of upstanding individuals in all walks of life far outweigh the number of crooked ones. But a lot of people seem to have forgotten that – and actually hail criminals.

Appreciate the blue because they protect you. When everyone else is fleeing a violent scene, they’re rushing in to help. They don’t know who you are, if you’re armed or not, if you have a record or not. They don’t know what they’re walking into when they take that call and they deal with some harrowing situations – situations that take a heck of a lot more than a social worker. They put their lives on the line for citizens every day – and now they have to worry about being shot at when walking a beat just because they’re cops or turned away from local coffee shops because ‘they make others feel uncomfortable’. What are we becoming as a society?

Yes, there are some unscrupulous ones – few and far between the exceptional, brave and selfless law enforcement officers who put their rear ends on the line for us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I back the blue.

When I meet a young man or woman signing on to protect and serve today, I say a prayer and do a double God bless. When I hear children say they want to be police officers when they grow up, my heart both breaks and fills with gratitude – as well as hope.

I back the blue.

How about you?

Thank you isn’t enough for the men and women in blue. To each of you, may God or your higher power of choice always be with you and keep you safe so that you will safely return to your loved ones, day after day, then come home at the end of your final shift.

To all Fir Na Dli (men of law) – may we be reminded that ‘men’ today encompasses both men and women, the brotherhood and the sisterhood – the canines, too: THANK YOU. Please know that there are a countless number of us who appreciate, back and support you.

Stay safe.

Morning bliss.

How wonderful it is to spend time with nature, listening to the variety of birds singing their way into the day while the slight breeze dances through the trees.

Let it be known that my idea of nature is sitting on my deck – or going for a walk. My outdoorsy gene died off sometime over the course of my youth and when I see one bug, I’m ready to go inside. Sometimes the National Geographic channel is enough to satisfy me and opening my windows is my means to fresh air – and I love nothing more than fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve hiked and all kinds of good stuff, had fun in the moment, then the moment passes. I simply celebrate nature in my own unique ways.

But morning time is a lovely time, even though I’m a moon girl at heart, coming alive when the sun has gone down and the stars come out. Basking in the glow of the moon listening to the crickets is a slice of heaven – as is morning.

Morning is divine.

Sunrise is a fresh start to each and every day. There is a purity that is filled with hope, motivation and dreams that may still come true. We are renewed and determined.

I was reminded today that we need to make time for that, to prioritize it. Set the alarm clock earlier – heck, it seems we’re all tired whether we get or don’t get sleep – and carve out moments that are meant just for you.

Reflect. Plan. Just simply be. But most importantly, dare to dream.

Today will benefit from my moments spent in peace this early morning. I invite you to do the same tomorrow. I guarantee it will improve the overall quality of your day.

Happy Friday to all.