A reflection upon today’s quote.

“The most effective way to do is to do it.” —Amelia Earhart

What great wisdom in this statement. We tend to wait to do most things.

We are never ready. We are afraid.  We fear ridicule. We question our capabilities. We are filled with self-doubt, apprehension and angst.

But why?  What could possibly go wrong if we just do it?

We may not do it well. We may be poked fun at. We may be brought down by those who don’t have the courage to try.

Or we may be pleasantly surprised.

We have no way to predict what the outcome will be, even if we make a good guess.

But we owe it to ourselves to try.

When we fail, we learn.  When we learn, we grow.  When we succeed, we gain confidence upon which a foundation for future success is built.

Keep this in mind today – then whatever it is you’ve been afraid to do, go do it.

The commercialization of Christmas. Bah humbug.

As I sat tonight to put my Christmas gift list on paper, I felt my mood shift.

My holiday spirit deflated, my mind went blank and a sense of dread filled me.

Up until that moment, Mrs. Clause had nothing on me.

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Questioning your drinking habits? Six things to think about before you take that next sip.

Recently many people have been reaching out to me, sharing their personal struggles with alcohol – and I am no stranger to the havoc it can wreck on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Alcohol abuse is more prevalent than ever in today’s society yet despite how much we work toward removing the stigma, many people fear ridicule and judgment if they openly question their alcohol use or admit that they may have a problem.

What many don’t realize is that alcohol abuse does not necessarily equate to alcoholism or addiction, but it does mean that a person has a propensity toward self-destructive behavior.

There are a multitude of variables at play, thus abuse does not always equal addiction or dependency. We may have developed a habit that we enjoy on one level, but deeply despise on another and is a negative – rather than positive – impact on our lives. Continue reading “Questioning your drinking habits? Six things to think about before you take that next sip.”