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Two morning quotes just came your way! Shame on me for not double checking yesterday, as I usually do. It seems my phone may be temperamental when it comes to scheduling. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.


Like most things in life, I don’t have the answer.

So pour yourself an extra cup of morning joy and contemplate Monday’s quote, and today’s, too! May your day be all you need it to be!

It’s National Coffee Day!

They say America runs on Dunkin – or they did in 20o6 when the formerly known ‘Dunkin Donuts’ launched a nationwide campaign supporting American people as they work tirelessly to keep up with their demanding lives.

Well, America runs on much more than Dunkin these days! It runs on Starbucks, Heavenly Donuts, Tim Hortons, Au Bon Pain, and independent coffeehouses around our country – and our world. People have their favorites, and some loyalists are steadfast and staunch. There is no budging when it comes to where they get their coffee, or how they take it.

So today, as you sip your favorite brew, take a moment and celebrate coffee. The aroma that fills the house. The extra bounce it puts in your step. And the undeniably good feeling it gives us when we have that first sip.

And for all my fellow Autumn lovers, it’s pumpkin spice time! We’ve been waiting all year just for this moment.

Happy National Coffee Day!

It’s International Peace Day.

How ironic that this day falls during a time when I’ve been solemnly and wholeheartedly considering a cessation of any discussion on politics and religion. No contributions. No participation. Just opting out.

As a writer and a passionate person, that would be hard to do. I live to offer views and perspectives from all sides. I love to engage in lively debates where others don’t see eye to eye (it’s how we learn and grow). I want to hold my values and beliefs, while remaining non-partisan (even when I do need to make a declaration in the primaries, reclaiming my Independent identity immediately after). I want to dive head-first into the difficult, troubling and controversial subjects – yet people are growing increasingly ugly by the second. Continue reading “It’s International Peace Day.”

What will you choose to be aware of today?

There is no shortage of ‘awareness’ events on this 13th day of September. Here are your choices:

Be sure to take five minutes, click on the links above, and learn more about each one.

Today is National Day of Encouragement.

So consider it done – I am encouraging you to do the following:

  • Make time for what’s important
  • Never think it’s too late
  • Be honest, be sincere, be authentic
  • Do what you love
  • Never feel less than – you are enough
  • Let your pride and ego go – life is short so live fully, laugh often and love deeply
  • And lastly, be the reason someone wants to go on, be the inspiration and pay this forward by being someone’s source of encouragement today.

September 12, 2001: United we stood.

On this Thursday eve as I ready to welcome the start of the weekend, I cannot help but reflect upon the horrific attacks of 9/11/01.

In my life, 9/11 wasn’t always synonymous with the brutal and unimaginable murders of thousands of people that day, in NYC, the Pentagon, and PA. That was a day we will never, and should never, forget. However, 9/11 is also my father’s birthday and we are gifted with a reason to celebrate this Sunday. Continue reading “September 12, 2001: United we stood.”

Suicide Prevention Month

As we ready ourselves to greet September in a matter of hours, let us start the month by spreading awareness and promoting suicide prevention. 

Sadly most lives have been touched by suicide. Whether it was the loss of someone close to you, or a friend of a friend. We ask ourselves if we missed the signs, but there are often no signs at all. 

Among U.S. adults, the number of suicides increased from 29,580 in 2001 to 45,861 in 2019. Veterans accounted for 5,989 suicides in 2011 (20.2%) and 6,261 suicides in 2019 (13.7%). Veterans accounted for 38.6% suicide deaths in 2019, the largest population subgroup.*

Suicide rates dropped by 3% between 2019 and 2020 and suicides overall decreased at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, first responders showed moderate to no decrease from 2017 to 2020 and a recent study found more police officers died by suicide in 2020 than in the line of duty, and suicides among firefighters and EMTs increased between 2017 and 2020.**

If you or a first responder or veteran you know is struggling, there is help. Please share this message with the links to where they can get support and assistance. We never have to walk alone. 

Suicide and Crisis HotlineVeterans Crisis LineFirst Responders Safe Call Now

*  2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report ( 

** Suicide Rates Dropped in 2020, Why Didn’t First Responder Suicides Drop Too? – The Crime Report

International Overdose Awareness Day

Very few lives haven’t been impacted by addiction – whether it is alcohol, or drugs. And even more lives have suffered the loss of a loved one due to an overdose.

The drug epidemic in the U.S. is disconcerting. More than 100 people die each day from an overdose, most from prescription drugs.

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Remember those we’ve lost, and do everything you can to help those afflicted.