When it’s not a happy Mother’s Day for some.

We are so quick to say, “Happy Mother’s Day,” without remembering that this may not be a particularly happy day for all.

We see you. We hear you. Some of us may even be you.

There are moms who have passed on, leaving a void in our hearts forever. There are moms who were never present or negligent, leaving another type of void within us.

There are those who couldn’t have children, and those who never got the chance to. Those who have lost children and those who regret the child that could have been.

Whether you’re celebrating today, or simply trying to get past the occasion, please remember that Mother’s Day doesn’t look the same for everyone. Like everything in life, it’s not a one size fits all.

And for those who say dogs and cats don’t count as ‘children,’ we will have none of it! Fur-moms unite.

Technical Difficulties.

Two morning quotes just came your way! Shame on me for not double checking yesterday, as I usually do. It seems my phone may be temperamental when it comes to scheduling. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.


Like most things in life, I don’t have the answer.

So pour yourself an extra cup of morning joy and contemplate Monday’s quote, and today’s, too! May your day be all you need it to be!

It’s National Coffee Day!

They say America runs on Dunkin – or they did in 20o6 when the formerly known ‘Dunkin Donuts’ launched a nationwide campaign supporting American people as they work tirelessly to keep up with their demanding lives.

Well, America runs on much more than Dunkin these days! It runs on Starbucks, Heavenly Donuts, Tim Hortons, Au Bon Pain, and independent coffeehouses around our country – and our world. People have their favorites, and some loyalists are steadfast and staunch. There is no budging when it comes to where they get their coffee, or how they take it.

So today, as you sip your favorite brew, take a moment and celebrate coffee. The aroma that fills the house. The extra bounce it puts in your step. And the undeniably good feeling it gives us when we have that first sip.

And for all my fellow Autumn lovers, it’s pumpkin spice time! We’ve been waiting all year just for this moment.

Happy National Coffee Day!