When it’s not a happy Mother’s Day for some.

We are so quick to say, “Happy Mother’s Day,” without remembering that this may not be a particularly happy day for all.

We see you. We hear you. Some of us may even be you.

There are moms who have passed on, leaving a void in our hearts forever. There are moms who were never present or negligent, leaving another type of void within us.

There are those who couldn’t have children, and those who never got the chance to. Those who have lost children and those who regret the child that could have been.

Whether you’re celebrating today, or simply trying to get past the occasion, please remember that Mother’s Day doesn’t look the same for everyone. Like everything in life, it’s not a one size fits all.

And for those who say dogs and cats don’t count as ‘children,’ we will have none of it! Fur-moms unite.