It’s National Grief Awareness Day.

On this day of awareness, may we all be reminded that grief does not stop. It is not given a time limit, nor does it pass. It is something many people live with each and every day – and each person carries it differently. No two paths are the same, even if they are similar or like in some ways.

Grief is not only related to death. It encompasses loss of all kinds – relationships, friendships, work, self.

Never underestimate or disregard the enormity of someone’s grief. Be compassionate, be tolerant. We can’t always see the cross another carries, but we can always practice kindness.

Women’s Equality Day | August 26

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day in the United States, a day to commemorate the 19th amendment of the Constitution which, in 1920, gave women the right to vote. Women’s Equality Day is not a public holiday and so businesses and schools remain open. History Before 1920 it was illegal for women to…
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It’s World Humanitarian Day – and more!

August 19 is a U.N. holiday honoring humanitarian personnel and recognize their efforts as aid workers during humanitarian world crisis – as well as to remember those who lost their lives while on humanitarian missions. Learn more. 

Today, we also commemorate the following:

National Aviation Day, National Potato Day, World Photography Day, and Hawaii Statehood Day.

Have some fun by clicking on the links above and learning about each of these commemorative days.

It’s National Lipstick Day!

And anyone who knows me, knows that I am a lipstick addict. A lifetime spent searching for just the right red, not too ‘blue’ or ‘orange’ – if you know, you know!

Mattes, sheer, satin, crème, gloss, lacquer, stain; roses, reds, corals. Could we ever have enough?!

I have more lipsticks than brain cells and fully disclose my addiction. Send me out for milk and I’ll come home with a side of lipstick. I’ve purchased from cosmetics companies all over the world. I am confident to declare myself an expert in lipstick and one of the biggest aficionados on the planet.

My latest find and love is La Bouche Rouge Cosmetics. La bouche rouge means “red lips” in French, and also stands for having a voice, striking a message. They are a clean beauty company and well worth the investment if you’re a lipstick queen. Check them out:

If you want to add a pop of color to your pout, today is the day! Happy Lipstick Day!

What’s July 17th?

It’s National Ice Cream Day – and I will be totally in on this celebration because I love ice cream!

People are picky about their ice cream. Some like pure ice cream, without chips or cookies, no candy or fudge swirls. Nothing but the cream. Others like lots of ‘goo’ as I say – fill it up raspberry truffle chips, heath bars, snickers and cookie dough. That’s me! I’m the latter. I may as well ask for a candy bar with some cream on the side.

Today, anyone can enjoy a frozen dessert. There is no sugar added ice cream for those with diabetes or managing their sugar intake in some way. There is dairy free and plant-based ice cream for those who can’t tolerate lactose or don’t eat anything made from animals.  Anyone can enjoy a trip to the local ice cream stand or supermarket and get something made just for them.

Now, the question is, cup or cone? Do you mind the ice cream melting at record speed on a hot and humid day, dripping onto your fingers, leaving a sticky mess? Or do you prefer a dish, no rush to eat it and no mess to be had? You can take your time, savor each spoonful and not deal with hoping the scoop doesn’t fall from the cone to ground. Something tells me you now know what my preference is – with chocolate sprinkles, please.

On the subject of sprinkles, if you’re from Boston you most likely call them ‘jimmies’. And most likely you know that ‘jimmies’ are credited to the Boston-based ice cream company Brigham’s, circa 1914. According to Karen Cord Taylor in a 2020 Yankee Magazine article, Bostonians consume more ice cream per person than any other city in the world – with or without ‘jimmies’. As a Bostonian who grew up with Brigham’s being a household name, I would not dispute that claim.

Oh, ice cream. No matter how you like it, you love it.

What’s your favorite flavor? Let us know! And be sure to treat yourself to a cone, a cup or a pint this Sunday, July 17th!

Wishing you a happy National Ice Cream Day – and a wonderful Sunday.