It’s the shortest day of the year. Make the most of it!

Today, Tuesday, December 21, 2021 is the winter solstice.  Here in the northern hemisphere, we experience the fewest daylight hours of the year within this 24-hour period.

For those of us who love the winter and long nights, today is very special and we must savor it.

For those who loathe winter and miss daylight, today is very special for you, too, because tomorrow the days will start to get longer – and the nights shorter.

No matter which group you fit into – or maybe, you’re a little bit of both – today is a gift like every other, so don’t just rush through it.

Embrace the challenges. Cherish the moments. And make each second count.

When we face each day with gratitude and accept it for the gift that it is, our perspective shifts.  We can find magic in the most simple and mundane of tasks. Be mindful and be present.

Make time to celebrate the solstice – and celebrate the day!

Tonight’s Beaver Moon.

I am so that stop to look at the moon girl – and the stars, sunrise, sunset, landscapes, seascapes, birds, animals.  All of the beauty that surrounds us in our universe and the creatures that inhabit it.

If you want to be reminded of how small we are in the larger scheme of things, look up at the sky tonight.  The moon is full, illuminating our sky.

Don’t dwell on the shorter days, because it actually gives us more time to enjoy the night under an Autumn sky.  Each change of every season brings with it something to cherish.

This month’s full moon is known as the ‘Beaver Moon’ because this is the time of year when beavers start taking shelter and planning for the winter ahead, fully prepared with their food stores.  The Almanac has tied moon names with Native American, Colonial American and European folklore for decades.

So take a moment this evening, look up at the sky and exhale all that burdens you.  If only for that brief period of time, you can be reminded that there’s much in life to appreciate, feel grateful for and enjoy.

Did you know?

Today was World Kindness Day.

I’m a little late, but the day isn’t over yet here on the East Coast!

I just learned about this day, a day when we are supposed to spread kindness wherever we go, all over the world.

How wonderful it is that we have such a day, 24 hours dedicated to promoting kindness.

Whatever it takes, I’m for it. But how sad it is that we need this.

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What’s friendship mean to you?

Did you know that today, July 30th, is International Friendship Day?  It is celebrated in several countries and was first promoted by the greeting cards’ industry.

Today, those greetings come in all forms – an email, chat or text and video calls, to name just a few.

There was a time in our lives when it was rare to make friends with someone from another country. Our means for even meeting were somewhat limited to relatives who lived across the pond, study abroad programs, family or school trips, pen pal opportunities or random chance. Continue reading “What’s friendship mean to you?”

It’s National Lipstick Day!

Anyone who knows me well knows that my passion for lipstick is, quite frankly, out of control!

I’ve been searching for the perfect shade of red forever and recently, I’ve found myself slightly preoccupied with pink.  Not just any pink and not too pinky, but just the right hue.  Maybe a cross between a red and pink, but not too fluorescent or neon.  Subtle, yet powerful.  Demure, yet bold. Continue reading “It’s National Lipstick Day!”