Seek to learn and understand, not judge or ridicule.

On this evening at sundown, Yom Kippur began.

Yom Kippur is a day of atonement, the most serious and holy holiday on the Jewish calendar. As I reflected upon the faith of my Jewish friends and acquaintances, wishing them a good holiday, I was reminded of how little time we spend learning about other religions.

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It’s International Peace Day.

How ironic that this day falls during a time when I’ve been solemnly and wholeheartedly considering a cessation of any discussion on politics and religion. No contributions. No participation. Just opting out.

As a writer and a passionate person, that would be hard to do. I live to offer views and perspectives from all sides. I love to engage in lively debates where others don’t see eye to eye (it’s how we learn and grow). I want to hold my values and beliefs, while remaining non-partisan (even when I do need to make a declaration in the primaries, reclaiming my Independent identity immediately after). I want to dive head-first into the difficult, troubling and controversial subjects – yet people are growing increasingly ugly by the second. Continue reading “It’s International Peace Day.”