Let your spirit soar.

It’s sad to hear people express fear when it comes to change. It’s even sadder when others try to suppress someone’s growth by viewing change as a negative thing.

Of course we may want to stay the same in specific areas of our life. For example, when it comes to remembering where we came from and staying humble. Or, adherence to our core values and belief systems. More importantly, staying consistent in terms of our actions when it comes to matters of the heart. We should be responsible, dependable and committed when it comes to our loved ones – and honest in our relationships.

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Dance like no one is watching.

Life is tough. Life is challenging. Life is short.

And just when you think you’ve had enough, that the responsibilities are too much, you dance.

You spend time with friends. You spend time talking, laughing and living.

And you dance.

The rhythm moves you. The beat consumes you. The music lights a fire beneath your feet.

And just like that, the world rights itself.

When life gets tough and you feel like you’ve had enough, the saying really is true: dance like no one is watching.