When opportunity knocks …

Summer Fridays were never my thing because it meant I could stop working early. I was not a fan of lunch breaks either, but I did love the post-work social hours that ran way too late into some nights. Work hard, play hard.

Work is something that I grew addicted to at a young age. As a child, I operated a pretend office rather than play with dolls. Accompanying my grandmother to the local stationery store was one of my favorite outings, purchasing sales receipt books and other business supplies. Forget Barbie! Sitting at the cherry executive desk when my father worked part-time delivering office furniture was better than any trip to Disney World in my opinion. I felt a surge of adrenaline and pleasure, at the ready to strike a deal or two in my vivid imagination.

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Everything in moderation, including moderation because – life’s short.

Those who know me are well aware that my definition of socializing is chatting with friendly people when running errands. People tend to talk to me and I am not shy when it comes to engaging, or initiating if there is something that deems conversation worthy. Visit a few stores, talk with some pleasant folks then it certainly qualifies as an official night out!

Waiting in the supermarket checkout line, I inched forward in an attempt to get what I referred to as the ‘thing-a-majiggy’ and the lady ahead of me knew exactly what I meant – the ‘whatcha-ma-call-it.’ The artfully decorated cake in my basket led to chatter about life’s celebrations and I proclaimed that any occasion was an occasion for cake to which she responded, ‘But after dinner, of course.’ Absolutely not 100% of the time!

Sometimes it’s before dinner – and sometimes, it is dinner. We may sneak a piece during the day or sliver a slice as a snack. We may even cut some for breakfast, followed by our multi-vitamin because surely our decisions aren’t necessarily nutritious or healthy ones – but those decisions are ours to make. We are grown-ups. We’ve earned the privilege of tossing some rules right out the window, and I can think of many.

Life is short. We should moderate everything, including moderation. We say it. We buy signs that proclaim it. We tout the message, yet rarely do we live it.

We find ourselves bogged down by the can nots and should nots. We are plagued by potential guilt and shame. We get so caught up in these things that they become life itself – and that takes up way too much mental space and stands in the way of what? Enjoying our lives!!

I’m the queen of it, so no preaching here. Maybe I’m nudging myself because I say it, buy the signs, and tout the message – but sometimes I forget and lose too much time restricting myself, judging myself, and not living in the way I believe every one of us should be – and we can’t get that time back. It’s gone, forever.

Yes, there are things we need to improve upon. There are habits to be broken. There is a need for some control and restraint so that we don’t become selfish, reckless hedonists. We need to honor our conscience, yet respect our true selves.

But we can have cake before dinner. Not every day, but some days – and we should let go of certain rules that actually hinder the joy of living rather than celebrate our very existence.

Reframe your thinking and start living today.

Riding the waves of life.

Life is like an ocean.

Sometimes calm and peaceful, but more often than not coming at us like waves crashing up against the sea wall – wild and unpredictable, a magical pool of wonder with a mind and mood of it’s own. If we are not careful, we can get pulled into the current, tirelessly fighting to catch our breath and find some way to swim safely back to shore.

Oh, how we fight the currents, exhausting ourselves by swimming against the tide when we should be surfing the waves – allowing ourselves to ebb and flow, rise and fall. When we get sucked under, finding the will and confidence to paddle to the top, mentally letting go while physically persevering.

Letting go – it’s something most of us aren’t good at, even if we think we are. Call it delusional, or denial. Call it what you will, but we all fight the currents, swim against the tide, and find ourselves drowning in this thing called life.

We want balance. We want happiness. We want consistency. We want – well, maybe we don’t always know what we want. Maybe, we have a mind and mood of our own – just like the ocean.

What is the moral of this post, you may ask?

Keep swimming. Know when to front crawl, know when to float. Know when to dive in, know when to do laps. The key to success is in continuity – in not giving up yet recognizing when to modify or adapt.

The sea speaks to the soul and if you listen carefully, it can speak to you, as well. There will be storms. There will be shipwrecks. There will be sailing on the bright and clear blue water.

Welcome it all. Your heart will go on.

Buddha, my BFF.

I’ll admit to not knowing what BFF stood for until recent years past, yet my tinybuddha(r) daily calendar is proving to be one of the best – and Buddha is one of my BFFs.

Who needs to read these words of wisdom today? Tania Yardley’s message is a powerful one. May we be reminded every day.

Here’s to enjoying and exploring what it means to be human – then love and experience as much as we can!

If you think you’re all that, think again!

A new year, a new calendar of daily mantras. If you’re stressed about others or find your ego sliding into home base, take a moment it ponder this – and create room in your days for more fun by carrying less noise in your mind. Do things from the soul, not the ego.

Happiness is not a destination.

“I just want to be happy.”

Don’t we all!

It’s commonplace for human beings to desire happiness above all else. It’s as natural as the air we breathe.

No one wants to feel sad, alone, or stagnant. No one wants to feel angry, anxious, or despondent.

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