The sound, of silence.

No. I am not referring to the song by Simon and Garfunkel – though it is a great song.

I am referring to evenings, such as this, when the only sound you hear is the breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees, the frogs, the crickets, and the faint hum of a motorcycle in the distance.

You can also hear yourself think, because the text message beeps and email alerts are silenced. The life that consumes you is falling asleep, affording you the time to reflect, contemplate, and dream.

For some, this can be a time of pure delight. You may be savoring some moments alone – kids are in bed. Spouse is asleep. And no one needs you right now, but you. What you would give to escape your commitments – yet you don’t even realize that you feel that way because being alone is something you fantasize about, while others would do anything to have what you have.

For others, the time is bittersweet. You’re cherishing your solitude, yet simultaneously missing what isn’t right for you, but you reluctantly crave it nonetheless. The demons arise and you struggle with the past and present, while praying for a future that paints the picture you sketched in your dreams. You envy the frazzled mother, the frustrated wife. You find yourself longing for the aggravations other people want to rid themselves of. So they think.

May we all be aware of the greener grass. It’s never greener. Keep watering your own.

Silence should be your friend, not foe. It should wash over you like a hot shower, soothing. It should feel like a hug, comforting. And it should relax you, like a nice cup of tea or a good night of sleep – because who gets that?!

Sit back, unwind, and let the sounds of silence embrace you. Tomorrow is another day. No matter what you’re feeling tonight, hope is your anchor, and it will ensure you set sail in the morning.