Seasons may change, but they don’t have to end.

As I wrapped up a less than stellar week, I was compelled to sit back and bathe in simplicity. I longed for nothing more than to soak in its peace and quiet, allowing the stress of life to dissipate – if only for a short time.

Ah, the joys of adulting when we find ourselves nostalgic, recalling the years when we wanted nothing more than to grow-up, not fully grasping the breadth of responsibility that comes along with that.

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And just like that – it’s 2023!

Ah, the magic of New Year’s Eve, a day and night filled with hope, dreams, and good intentions. We make the time to look back, reflecting upon the past year and measure what went right, and what went wrong. We commit to ceasing our ‘bad’ habits on January 1st, then find ourselves sickened from the leftover Christmas cookies and candy by end of day, disgusted by our ‘lack’ of willpower.  Continue reading “And just like that – it’s 2023!”

Auld Lang Syne – Maybe, but maybe not. Five Questions to Ask Yourself as We Enter 2023. Loop

Another year will soon be behind us, a catalog of experiences and memories – some to be remembered, some we may want to forget.

Yet when all is said and done, 2023 is on our doorstep and it is up to us to set the course for the next 12 months (though I suggest you start with the first three, setting quarterly intentions and goals, breaking them into smaller bits rather than big bites that could leave you with terrible indigestion!) Continue reading “Auld Lang Syne – Maybe, but maybe not. Five Questions to Ask Yourself as We Enter 2023. Loop”

Same old. Same old.

2022 has hit the calendar and I don’t know about you – but I’m no different.

I set goals – not resolutions – and came to realize tonight, that may be marketing spin.

Day one – failed. Day two – failed. Day three – contemplating if setting new goals on a specific, societal dictated norm is intended to change the world – or prove to us how fickle resolutions are. Continue reading “Same old. Same old.”

2020. A pivotal year.

May we look at what the past ten months gave to us rather than what it took away.

So many suffered in 2020. Sickness, deaths, job loss and more. By no means am I disregarding or disrespecting that pain, hardship or grieving. Some will appreciate the intent within this message while others may not. That’s up to your perspective and your decision to make.

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The ‘no resolutions’ resolution.

We as human beings tend to go to extremes when it comes to anything in life. Spend cash like drunken sailors then restrict our spend like misers. Binge drink over the holidays then do DryJanuary. Stuff ourselves sick with sugar, fat and tasty treats then diet and exercise like mad come the new year.

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