Same old. Same old.

2022 has hit the calendar and I don’t know about you – but I’m no different.

I set goals – not resolutions – and came to realize tonight, that may be marketing spin.

Day one – failed. Day two – failed. Day three – contemplating if setting new goals on a specific, societal dictated norm is intended to change the world – or prove to us how fickle resolutions are. Continue reading “Same old. Same old.”

2020. A pivotal year.

May we look at what the past ten months gave to us rather than what it took away.

So many suffered in 2020. Sickness, deaths, job loss and more. By no means am I disregarding or disrespecting that pain, hardship or grieving. Some will appreciate the intent within this message while others may not. That’s up to your perspective and your decision to make.

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The ‘no resolutions’ resolution.

We as human beings tend to go to extremes when it comes to anything in life. Spend cash like drunken sailors then restrict our spend like misers. Binge drink over the holidays then do DryJanuary. Stuff ourselves sick with sugar, fat and tasty treats then diet and exercise like mad come the new year.

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