Seasons may change, but they don’t have to end.

As I wrapped up a less than stellar week, I was compelled to sit back and bathe in simplicity. I longed for nothing more than to soak in its peace and quiet, allowing the stress of life to dissipate – if only for a short time.

Ah, the joys of adulting when we find ourselves nostalgic, recalling the years when we wanted nothing more than to grow-up, not fully grasping the breadth of responsibility that comes along with that.

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Let your spirit soar.

It’s sad to hear people express fear when it comes to change. It’s even sadder when others try to suppress someone’s growth by viewing change as a negative thing.

Of course we may want to stay the same in specific areas of our life. For example, when it comes to remembering where we came from and staying humble. Or, adherence to our core values and belief systems. More importantly, staying consistent in terms of our actions when it comes to matters of the heart. We should be responsible, dependable and committed when it comes to our loved ones – and honest in our relationships.

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That’s above my pay grade.

We all have some pet peeves when it comes to observing or interacting with others. Those words, quirks or behaviors that evoke a feeling of slight irritation.  Heck, I am confident that I harbor just as many as the other guy and when it comes to some of them, I definitely annoy myself.

These pet peeves may include little things that are synonymous with nails on a chalkboard, or an itch we can’t scratch.

Most likely it’s something minor in nature, like a driver not using his directional or a woman incessantly chewing on her hair. Someone who doesn’t say please, or thank you. Someone who snaps her gum or cracks his knuckles.

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