Want to have better days? Try not being an a@#!

Someone dear to me shared a story today and it closed with the usual, “Do you see why I am the way I am?  Why I have an attitude?”

No, I can’t empathize with that.

We have attitudes because we choose to have attitudes and we live in a state of perpetual anger because we choose to be angry.

Though I’m sympathetic to what we all go through, I’m not a blamer and I place an enormity of emphasis on personal responsibility, accountability and civility.

More often than not, things don’t go our way and yes, we all have bad days when we handle matters quite poorly. We may lash out, be unkind and act selfishly.

But there’s a difference between a person having a bad day and a person making each day bad.

Our attitudes impact our mental well-being, interactions with others and ultimately, the outcome.

So if you’re constantly having bad days, maybe you should check yourself.

It’s not the world’s job to rise up and meet us. It’s our job to rise up and meet the world.

A simple point to ponder this afternoon.