That’s above my pay grade.

We all have some pet peeves when it comes to observing or interacting with others. Those words, quirks or behaviors that evoke a feeling of slight irritation.  Heck, I am confident that I harbor just as many as the other guy and when it comes to some of them, I definitely annoy myself.

These pet peeves may include little things that are synonymous with nails on a chalkboard, or an itch we can’t scratch.

Most likely it’s something minor in nature, like a driver not using his directional or a woman incessantly chewing on her hair. Someone who doesn’t say please, or thank you. Someone who snaps her gum or cracks his knuckles.

Ironically, these little quirks become major annoyances.  Their habits become our pet peeves and we take note of those behaviors in everyone we see. Continue reading “That’s above my pay grade.”

Technical difficulties! Thursday – National Etiquette Week

Well, technology happens – and sometimes it doesn’t! I’d be remiss if I didn’t share Thursday’s intended post for National Etiquette Week. And how ironic because it says …

Intention matters.

A great leader works towards a goal because of their passion and drive, not for the title.

The winner takes it all.

A competitive nature is something that we’ve been conditioned and taught to value. When we hear someone labeled as a winner, we equate that with tireless energy, unyielding effort and unlimited potential. The word is synonymous with success and everyone wants a winner on their team.

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