Media madness.

If you’re a news junkie, it’s safe to say that you have been led to believe that partisanship is how our country, and world, operates.

If you’re active on social media, it’s safe to say you read the comments posted by extremists from both sides, bullying others from behind the screens of their phones, tablets, or iPads.

Fact is, our communities are made-up of many decent human beings who don’t hate each other. They’re civil people who want nothing more than to get along, raise good children, and live a peaceful life. They can even discuss controversial topics with ease and diplomacy, not berating those with opposing views. They are eager to help someone in need, and seek ways to be of value.

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The winner takes it all.

A competitive nature is something that we’ve been conditioned and taught to value. When we hear someone labeled as a winner, we equate that with tireless energy, unyielding effort and unlimited potential. The word is synonymous with success and everyone wants a winner on their team.

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