Technical difficulties! Thursday – National Etiquette Week

Well, technology happens – and sometimes it doesn’t! I’d be remiss if I didn’t share Thursday’s intended post for National Etiquette Week. And how ironic because it says …

Intention matters.

A great leader works towards a goal because of their passion and drive, not for the title.

The passion to pursue.

Most of us harbor pure, untainted intentions when we set out to accomplish something.  Whether it be mastering a talent or skill, fulfilling a vocation or building a career.

Whatever it is, we want to do it well.  We set out to be the best we can be, find purpose in our passion and pursue it with vigor.  We are inspired, excited and enthusiastic.

Then somewhere along the line, the outside world can penetrate our excitement and put our confidence at risk.  We may be criticized or rejected. We may be intimidated by what we see or hear and our passion becomes replaced with self-doubt and disappointment. Continue reading “The passion to pursue.”