It’s International Peace Day.

How ironic that this day falls during a time when I’ve been solemnly and wholeheartedly considering a cessation of any discussion on politics and religion. No contributions. No participation. Just opting out.

As a writer and a passionate person, that would be hard to do. I live to offer views and perspectives from all sides. I love to engage in lively debates where others don’t see eye to eye (it’s how we learn and grow). I want to hold my values and beliefs, while remaining non-partisan (even when I do need to make a declaration in the primaries, reclaiming my Independent identity immediately after). I want to dive head-first into the difficult, troubling and controversial subjects – yet people are growing increasingly ugly by the second. Continue reading “It’s International Peace Day.”

Why ….

… are so many people in our country, elected officials included, suddenly dead against free speech? Why are sticks and stones still breaking our bones, but words now the real breaking point?

If it’s disinformation – learn to research. If it’s offensive – learn to evaluate the source. And if it’s controversial – learn to apply your critical thinking skills then construct an eloquent counter-statement intended to provoke thought.

Let’s stop censoring everything. Let’s focus more on civility, courtesy and respect for our fellow human being – even if we don’t respect what they have to say. Let’s discuss, not fight. Let’s be kind, not hateful. And let’s remember that we all have our own opinions, for better or worse, right or wrong.

We need to bring back manners and decency, civility and reason; not get rid of everything and everyone who disagrees with us.

Greetings and Salutations.

More and more I notice the lack of social skills, manners and common courtesy toward others. It seems to be evident everywhere I turn – from running errands and day to day activities to work meetings and emails.

I received an email today – not work related – that didn’t have as much as a hello. It jumped right into what could have been interpreted as a plethora of criticism and judgment based on assumptions.  My guess was the person skimmed the message and replied without actually reading, digesting then responding. It was quite obvious. She was talking with herself, aloud, via email. Continue reading “Greetings and Salutations.”

If you have something good to say – SAY IT!

It seems people these days are easily inflamed.  We see it on the roads, in random stores and on social media.  Especially on social media.

During what has been a difficult and tumultuous year for many, we don’t seem to be uniting and finding strength in numbers. We seem more divided than ever and I wonder some days if we will find our way back to a more civil, courteous and respectful society where people actually try a bit harder to get along. Continue reading “If you have something good to say – SAY IT!”

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“Maybe our issues lie with the fact that we want people to be like us. We expect them to conform to our way of thinking, our way of living, and our way of communicating. And we judge them when they don’t.”

Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?

Ignorant has three meanings according to Google search: (1) lacking knowledge or awareness in general, uneducated or unsophisticated, (2) lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing and (3) discourteous or rude.

Stupid has two meanings according to Google search: (1) having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense and (2) a stupid person, often used as a term of address.

A reader on a Facebook group to which I belong commented that I should change ignorant to stupid.  Why?  Because ignorant means uninformed  which can be easily remedied vs. stupid which cannot be remedied externally. Continue reading “Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?”