The Irish Around the World – Feature Article in BTS Online Magazine

It’s an honor to write for Beautiful Table Settings online magazine and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pen a piece that highlights the Irish this month of St. Patrick.

Read the feature article on p12 and be sure to be wearing your green! And for those who love table settings, be sure to peruse from cover to cover as well as check out their Facebook group.

Honoring Artisans, Craftsmen and Factory Workers this Labor Day.

It was a pleasure to once again be a featured writer for Beautiful Table Settings online magazine. The piece was both challenging and interesting to craft. Challenging to choose just the right topic for Labor Day, and interesting because of what I learned in the process.

For those who love fine china, you will appreciate this piece which dives into a brief history of Belleek and Lenox. See page 15.

Happy Labor Day. Let us be reminded of what a privilege it is to work and contribute to society.

Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue: Fun Facts about Fourth of July Traditions in America and Around the World.

As we wind down our Fourth of July celebrations and close out this day, I’d like to share with you a piece I wrote for Beautiful Table Settings Magazine, an online publication for a private Facebook group. It was an honor to craft this piece and I enjoyed my walk down memory lane – as well as being reminded of how Independence Day is celebrated not only in our great nation, but around the world.


Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue: Fun Facts about Fourth of July Traditions in America and Around the World.

The Fourth of July, America’s birthday, is celebrated annually all over the United States. National Flags, cookouts, parades, and fireworks are just some key facets of these festivities. 

As a nation, we have much to be grateful for. Yet it seems that all too often, people lose sight of what Independence Day truly commemorates and what our jubilant July Fourth festivities are intended to celebrate. Continue reading “Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue: Fun Facts about Fourth of July Traditions in America and Around the World.”

Safety first, and always.

I find myself using the word ‘safe’ more and more these days.  As a child, our parents would tell us to be safe and we’d be bothered by it. We thought them to be no fun or overprotective, only wanting to control us.  We hardly, if ever, heeded their advice and weren’t smart enough to know that such a small word was filled with enormous amounts of love, care and wisdom.

Continue reading “Safety first, and always.”

Everything old is new again!

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Societal norms that need to just go away and the ugliness of social media – and many people today.

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Voice automated technology. Say what?

Technology – a blessing and a burden.

Having to call several pharmacies today, I lost count of the dead ends I reached.

Typically I have a lot of patience, but I found myself in a highly inflammable state today and admittedly afflicted with a case of the grumps.

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