It’s double quote day!

“Love is a friendship set to music.” —Joseph Campbell

Nothing more perfectly describes my parents’ relationship and this second quote of the day is in honor of them.

Happy anniversary to my mother and father!

Your friendship and love is a gift to all of us. What a stellar example of what a relationship can and should be.


Successfully single – or not. The choice is yours.

About 20 or so years ago, I hosted a workshop titled “Successfully Single” and the objective was to guide others in living a single life – successfully.

What exactly does that mean?

It means finding peace, joy and contentment in your singleness. It means transforming loneliness into solitude and creating a space for interior exploration and adventures. It means changing your perspective and not feeling alone, but finding fulfillment within yourself. When you accept your single status and become comfortable on your own, the possibilities are truly endless.

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Seasons of the heart.

Letting go of a relationship and the person you love ranks up there with one of the most difficult things to do in life.

What’s even more difficult is letting go when a relationship isn’t blatantly bad – but not enough.

If one person yearns in a way the other cannot fulfill, there will be an unrelenting longing and chronic emptiness.

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Where true love begins.

Sometimes we grapple with something we’re not sure about. For many of us, grappling may very well be a way of life.

It may involve a person, a relationship, a job, a habit or a situation. It eats away at us, consumes us and borders close to obsession.

Making a decision is hard – but owning it after the fact rarely is. We can choose to dwell or move on, even if the path forward isn’t paved and filled with potholes. Continue reading “Where true love begins.”

Redefining Boundaries in Relationships: 4 Reasonable Expectations we Should Have. | elephant journal

It is true that our expectations can disappoint us, but that is only if they are unreasonable or set too high.
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Expect nothing less than what you expect.

“I cannot be in a relationship with him because he disappoints me.”

What a genuine statement and how readily I agreed with my friend when she stated this in response to my question about her relationship with a male friend.

“I put expectations on men.”

Ah, yes! Brilliantly said and I so related more to her statement.

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4 Ways to Jumpstart Adding some Spice to Your Life.

“Maybe she hung out with them, but doesn’t mean she was like them.”

My father has come a long way. He has most certainly evolved. I’m starting to think that maybe I did raise him well.

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