Redefining Boundaries in Relationships: 4 Reasonable Expectations we Should Have. | elephant journal

It is true that our expectations can disappoint us, but that is only if they are unreasonable or set too high.
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Expect nothing less than what you expect.

“I cannot be in a relationship with him because he disappoints me.”

What a genuine statement and how readily I agreed with my friend when she stated this in response to my question about her relationship with a male friend.

“I put expectations on men.”

Ah, yes! Brilliantly said and I so related more to her statement.

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4 Ways to Jumpstart Adding some Spice to Your Life.

“Maybe she hung out with them, but doesn’t mean she was like them.”

My father has come a long way. He has most certainly evolved. I’m starting to think that maybe I did raise him well.

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A mental roadmap: From heartache to healing.

The mind is a fascinating set of faculties made up of sensation, imagination, will, memory and thought. Even more intriguing is our psyche, the totality of the human mind, the conscious and the unconscious.  Both involve the three pound organ known as our brain, the most complex part of the human body that serves as the epicenter of our intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement and controller of behavior.

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