Don’t let memories blind you from reality.

In conversing with a friend tonight, we chatted about relationships and other lessons life has offered us. Whether it be family, friends or romance, relationships can be complex – or rather the people within the relationships can be complicated.

I was thinking about my most recent relationship. I love him, always will – but I didn’t love our relationship and that is why I finally needed to part ways.  It wasn’t healthy for me. And I realized that I wasn’t healthy for him, even if that wasn’t his decision. I may never move on, who knows, but he afforded me the opportunity to work through my own issues. There’s a lesson within every relationship – and he may have been my best.

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Seasons of the heart.

Letting go of a relationship and the person you love ranks up there with one of the most difficult things to do in life.

What’s even more difficult is letting go when a relationship isn’t blatantly bad – but not enough.

If one person yearns in a way the other cannot fulfill, there will be an unrelenting longing and chronic emptiness.

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