4 Ways to Jumpstart Adding some Spice to Your Life.

“Maybe she hung out with them, but doesn’t mean she was like them.”

My father has come a long way. He has most certainly evolved. I’m starting to think that maybe I did raise him well.

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Forever a part of me.

In honor and memory of our dearest and closest friend, Barbara Leonardi. We love you.

I learned this morning what it was like to lose your best friend.

To awake to the hard, cold fact that you’ll never see her again. That you’ll never hear her voice on the other end of the receiver, with her warm greeting that we share, “Hello, my friend.”

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When friendship dies.

Friendship is a sacred gift, one to be cherished and valued.

Heartbreak. Heartache. We long for love and cry when it leaves us. We share our lives with loved ones and feel like we can’t go on when they pass.

Most of us correlate heartbreak and heartaches with break-ups, disasters, trauma or death. More often than not, we focus on romantic love.

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