A True Companion.

Despite the fact that I am biting at the bit to write about societal conflicts, I am choosing to write about true companions.

Despite the fact that I should be refining and completing my children’s book, I am choosing to write about true companions.

Despite the fact that I don’t have a heck of a lot of inspiration to write about anything that wouldn’t offend someone in this moment, I am choosing to write about true companions.

I am not referring to Marc Cohn’s song, ‘True Companion’, although some of the lyrics could apply.

I am writing about our pets.

Our dogs and cats, maybe fish and rabbits.

This is in honor of the pets who fill voids humans unintentionally leave. The pets who offer unlimited attention, comfort, and loyalty. The pets who we sometimes, yet hopefully not too often (if at all), take for granted. Continue reading “A True Companion.”

What our loved ones really want.

*Photo disclaimer – this is not Vivienne, my six-pound powerhouse of a dog. 

After a dinner break with family this evening, I had to get back to work.  The reality is I spend 12-14 hours each day working and that is not a complaint – it is a choice and something I love to do.  I’m sure to schedule breaks for a stretch, some fetch time with my fur-baby and the such, but tonight I was reminded of something.

Even after the dinner break. Even after quality time with my fur-baby and undivided attention from my parents and I, it just wasn’t enough for her.

Now granted, my little fur-wonder is spoiled in all upper case letters – SPOILED. I used to say loved, but she is spoiled. I admit it and take full responsibility. We all do, everyone in my family. But can we help it?!  NO!

I do think about what a long day it is for her, sleeping with short play breaks, while she stays by my side – loyally.  Continue reading “What our loved ones really want.”

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Six reasons why I will continue to call my dog a fur baby.

Taking a scroll through my Facebook news feed – the equivalent of a cigarette break, if I smoked – I stopped short.  Swiping back up the page, it was confirmed that the words I read were correct.

The article was titled Some Moms Are Urging People to Stop Calling Their Pets “Fur Babies”.  And let it be known that it was written well, I enjoyed it and it did not bash dog moms.  It was an interesting read with thoughtful perspective.

My initial reaction wasn’t based on the fact that my family and I refer to my beloved Vivienne as a fur-baby.  Because we do.  That along with Dog Mom, Crazy Dog Lady and some other fun labels from time to time. Continue reading “Six reasons why I will continue to call my dog a fur baby.”