Safety first, and always.

I find myself using the word ‘safe’ more and more these days.  As a child, our parents would tell us to be safe and we’d be bothered by it. We thought them to be no fun or overprotective, only wanting to control us.  We hardly, if ever, heeded their advice and weren’t smart enough to know that such a small word was filled with enormous amounts of love, care and wisdom.

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It’s the shortest day of the year. Make the most of it!

Today, Tuesday, December 21, 2021 is the winter solstice.  Here in the northern hemisphere, we experience the fewest daylight hours of the year within this 24-hour period.

For those of us who love the winter and long nights, today is very special and we must savor it.

For those who loathe winter and miss daylight, today is very special for you, too, because tomorrow the days will start to get longer – and the nights shorter.

No matter which group you fit into – or maybe, you’re a little bit of both – today is a gift like every other, so don’t just rush through it.

Embrace the challenges. Cherish the moments. And make each second count.

When we face each day with gratitude and accept it for the gift that it is, our perspective shifts.  We can find magic in the most simple and mundane of tasks. Be mindful and be present.

Make time to celebrate the solstice – and celebrate the day!

On being a woman.

In honor of International Women’s Day.

Being a woman is not easy – but neither is being human.

Familial and societal imposed expectations. Perceived limitations of self and fear of not being enough – or doing enough, or loving enough, or caring enough, or anything – enough!

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It’s Fat Tuesday!

As Catholics prepare for the most holy time of the year, I hope if that’s you that you’ll consider this on the eve of your Lenten journey.

Most give up something, a sacrifice for 40 days. But it is often more difficult to commit to something, adding a positive or constructive habit for that specific length of time, than it is to give up.

So rather than cutting out sweets or taking a hiatus from social media, may you do some good this season. Donate one dollar each day, if you’re able, to a worthy cause. Add a new and positive habit to your routine. Practice a random act of kindness daily.

Sacrifice doesn’t always equal giving up – it just may mean making a commitment and sticking to it. Food for thought this evening.

My Valentine Wish.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day.

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