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Mindful reading. Mindful life.

Woman disjointed.

As a writer, a topic typically strikes my fancy and percolates.  That topic takes a life of its own, traveling with me as my day to day responsibilities and commitments are tackled while the story itself takes shape in my mind.

It ebbs and flows.  It is acute and present, then fades and retreats.  But all the while, it’s baking and in time, rises to meet that moment when I am ready to put pen to paper – or fingers to the keyboard, playing each letter like a piano concerto, immersed in the melody my mind orchestrates. Continue reading “Woman disjointed.”


I’m thrilled that you are here! Together we will journey through a variety of topics – from the most simple to the most controversial – but more importantly, we will journey through the complexities of the human condition. My aim is to take a closer look at specific experiences and events, ask questions when warranted and seeking answers – or at least find some accepting ground on which to stand. For me, writing requires quiet reflection and soulful exploration in which I can sift through my thoughts and emotions, sometimes finding clarity and sometimes leading to the discovery that the simple act of jotting thoughts down is cathartic in itself.

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