An invitation for you.  Six contemplations as we close out November and wrap up this year.

Another month comes to an end and as of 15 minutes ago on the East Coast, we welcomed a new one.

Hello, December, the final month of the year.

With just a little more than four weeks on the calendar, we can find ourselves with much to do.  The holidays can be stressful, or peaceful – and usually, a blend of both.

Some are happy to see the year pass while others are grateful they survived another one.

Collectively, we have suffered greatly and celebrated largely. We have endured losses and sorrow along with many gains and joy. Continue reading “An invitation for you.  Six contemplations as we close out November and wrap up this year.”

Life’s simple pleasures.

Family and friends never believe me when I state that I enjoy cleaning up after a dinner party.

“Right, sure you do,” my cousin scoffed tonight.

But I do. It’s a truth. It’s honest. Don’t doubt me.

Clearing the messy table. Doing the dishes. Putting away the lovely treasures that dress up a table.

I love it.

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I’m thrilled that you are here! Together we will journey through a variety of topics – from the most simple to the most controversial – but more importantly, we will journey through the complexities of the human condition. My aim is to take a closer look at specific experiences and events, ask questions when warranted and seeking answers – or at least find some accepting ground on which to stand. For me, writing requires quiet reflection and soulful exploration in which I can sift through my thoughts and emotions, sometimes finding clarity and sometimes leading to the discovery that the simple act of jotting thoughts down is cathartic in itself.

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