The Irish Around the World – Feature Article in BTS Online Magazine

It’s an honor to write for Beautiful Table Settings online magazine and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pen a piece that highlights the Irish this month of St. Patrick.

Read the feature article on p12 and be sure to be wearing your green! And for those who love table settings, be sure to peruse from cover to cover as well as check out their Facebook group.

10 Fun Facts about the Irish in America

It has been said that America is the most Irish country in the world and as a Boston girl, I would know. 

At the age of five, I had a brogue.  It was ever so slight, the faintest lilt of a melody rolling off my tongue.  My pronunciation of ‘bathin suit’ and ‘vawlume’ left no doubt that there was a twinge of green coursing through my veins.  But that’s what happens when you spend five days a week being taught by a nun from County Laois (pronounced leash) in parochial school. Continue reading “10 Fun Facts about the Irish in America”