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“Maybe our issues lie with the fact that we want people to be like us. We expect them to conform to our way of thinking, our way of living, and our way of communicating. And we judge them when they don’t.”

Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?

Ignorant has three meanings according to Google search: (1) lacking knowledge or awareness in general, uneducated or unsophisticated, (2) lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing and (3) discourteous or rude.

Stupid has two meanings according to Google search: (1) having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense and (2) a stupid person, often used as a term of address.

A reader on a Facebook group to which I belong commented that I should change ignorant to stupid.  Why?  Because ignorant means uninformed  which can be easily remedied vs. stupid which cannot be remedied externally. Continue reading “Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?”

The Dangers of Ignorance.


The word alone evokes an equivalent response to nails on a chalkboard or vehicles traveling at a high speed when they collide, crashing into one another, pieces of metal and glass flying everywhere.


Cold and brutal. Callous and ugly. There’s a certain guttural sound as the word rolls off my lips and out of my mouth. Continue reading “The Dangers of Ignorance.”