Why ….

… are so many people in our country, elected officials included, suddenly dead against free speech? Why are sticks and stones still breaking our bones, but words now the real breaking point?

If it’s disinformation – learn to research. If it’s offensive – learn to evaluate the source. And if it’s controversial – learn to apply your critical thinking skills then construct an eloquent counter-statement intended to provoke thought.

Let’s stop censoring everything. Let’s focus more on civility, courtesy and respect for our fellow human being – even if we don’t respect what they have to say. Let’s discuss, not fight. Let’s be kind, not hateful. And let’s remember that we all have our own opinions, for better or worse, right or wrong.

We need to bring back manners and decency, civility and reason; not get rid of everything and everyone who disagrees with us.

Author: E.M. Murphy

A voracious writer, lifetime learner and eternal seeker who aims to open minds and hearts. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, humanity and humor is at the heart of my writing, reminding us that the key to success will always start with a genuine concern for others while making sure to be true to our authentic selves.

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