Let’s Celebrate!

As I wrap up today and plan for tomorrow, I want to make the time to say – thank you!

One year ago on July 13, 2020, I made the decision to start writing again. I threw away the map, tossed aside the plans and blindly made my way – destination unknown. Continue reading “Let’s Celebrate!”

If you have something good to say – SAY IT!

It seems people these days are easily inflamed.  We see it on the roads, in random stores and on social media.  Especially on social media.

During what has been a difficult and tumultuous year for many, we don’t seem to be uniting and finding strength in numbers. We seem more divided than ever and I wonder some days if we will find our way back to a more civil, courteous and respectful society where people actually try a bit harder to get along. Continue reading “If you have something good to say – SAY IT!”