The thank you note. A lost art that we need to bring back.

I never thought of a thank you note being a lost art until out with friends last evening when something sparked this conversation.

Turns out the thank you note has grown antiquated, becoming a collectible today.

Not because that’s the way it should be, but that’s what has become.

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A simple thank you …

A thank you to those 600+ who have followed my blog.

A thank you for those 4k+ followers on EJ.

A thank you to those who denounce public recognition, yet message me with comments and requests.

If I touch the life of one person – I’ve made a difference.

That’s my only goal.  

As I spent time with my gratitude book tonight, I was reminded of the people who support my writing – and to each of you, I express my sincere thanks.

I appreciate the fact that fellow writers are seeking readership, likes, follows and fame – truth is, I’m not.

One person. One life touched. That’s all I seek.

Stay tuned for my book – On love, loss and lots of stuff in between.

Not quite sold on the title yet, but let’s see what happens.

Bottom line is – THANK YOU! I hadn’t even realized until tonight how many articles I’d penned, and content I have to work with.

Sending all my love to YOU!

Let’s Celebrate!

As I wrap up today and plan for tomorrow, I want to make the time to say – thank you!

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If you have something good to say – SAY IT!

It seems people these days are easily inflamed.  We see it on the roads, in random stores and on social media.  Especially on social media.

During what has been a difficult and tumultuous year for many, we don’t seem to be uniting and finding strength in numbers. We seem more divided than ever and I wonder some days if we will find our way back to a more civil, courteous and respectful society where people actually try a bit harder to get along. Continue reading “If you have something good to say – SAY IT!”