A moment of silence and a reminder to make moments count, every day.

This year, it occurred to me that there is not much more to be said or written about 9/11. My memories of that day have been documented and described in detail – from my whereabouts to every feeling and emotion that coursed through me.

We will never forget, nor should we, the terrorist attack that shocked our nation and took thousands of lives. Innocent people just having a day when their lives were savagely taken from them. Those who chose to jump from 80 or more floors, making the only decision that was the alternative to burning alive. Some, holding hands – you go, we go. Firefighters rushing in while everyone was rushing out. Fear, pain, anguish.

Countless moments of silence commemorated 9/11 today, around our nation and in many other countries around our world. So many connections. So much loss.

Remembering is important, but how can you truly honor those murdered on that tragic day? By making your moments count, every one.

As you end this day, or start a new one, carry the thoughts below with you in your daily life. It’s even more important to live with gratitude, appreciation, and intent because we never know which day will be our last.

Don’t miss an opportunity to tell and show your loved ones how much you love them – that you care and they matter.

No matter how angry you may be with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, child, friend or someone dear to you – find a way to go to sleep in peace. Let them know that you may be upset, but you love them and will work things out. Share your feelings, yet don’t shut them out. If tomorrow never comes …

As the saying goes: don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff. Ask yourself, will it matter tomorrow, next week or months from now?

Missing an estranged friend? Reach out. Say hi. It doesn’t mean you have together or even talk on the phone. Life takes different paths and that’s ok. Sometimes a simple ‘I’m thinking of you and miss our friendship. Hope life is treating you well,’ can mean so much and touch someone more than you know and liberate you.

Let your people be who they are and appreciate their positive qualities. We can all get on each other’s nerves, but we would most likely miss those pains in the butt that we love dearly if they were gone. Cherish them.

End each day with gratitude, no matter how difficult the day. You can find at least one thing to be grateful for.

Start each day with gratitude – you woke up. You may feel lousy, be stressed and wonder how you will make it through the day – but you woke up. The rest is up to you. Some people would give anything to have another chance to breathe in life.

In memory of all of those killed on 9/11. How will we honor you every day? By living with intent and gratitude. We will never forget.

9/11: Never forget. Always remember.

It’s me again, watching every replay of September 11, 2001.

So many want to forget or repress the memories of that day, yet I hold fast to the belief that we need to remember every moment. We need to recall the shock, angst, and fear. We need to rekindle our patriotism, unity and strength.

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September 12, 2001: United we stood.

On this Thursday eve as I ready to welcome the start of the weekend, I cannot help but reflect upon the horrific attacks of 9/11/01.

In my life, 9/11 wasn’t always synonymous with the brutal and unimaginable murders of thousands of people that day, in NYC, the Pentagon, and PA. That was a day we will never, and should never, forget. However, 9/11 is also my father’s birthday and we are gifted with a reason to celebrate this Sunday. Continue reading “September 12, 2001: United we stood.”

Insurrection – Not Quite.

Jen Psaki, how could you promote the current administration’s agenda, comparing January 6, 2021 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, then stating that past President Trump should focus on what we can do for the future – not the past?

You’re using the past, to your benefit.

You actually took two vile, tragic, murderous days and compared them to one event gone awry due to individuals who chose to act inexcusably.

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