I can’t come, it’s raining: NH Primary Elections, 2022

Now I can completely relate to not doing most things in the rain, truly can. Rainy days should be spent in Ireland, Scotland, or England – maybe even Seattle; where we expect, and even appreciate, such weather. We think of it as ambient. Why, of course!

It’s quite possible that I channel my Celtic roots on rainy days. I find some tunes to accompany the weather, and mentally transport myself. Frankly, I really like cold, rainy days – any rainy days – when I get to be at home and not deal with the hassles of commuting or dealing with the elements in any way.

But I don’t feel that way when it comes to voting, on any occasion. I will endure any kind of weather to cast my vote – in person, honorably.

Which brings me to another topic – mail-in ballots.

I’m the Queen of online everything. Groceries – Instacart. Shopping – Apple Pay. Live class – say what? Can I attend online?

Yet unless I have no choice but to be out of town for work or find myself incapacitated in some irreversible way – I vote, in person, proudly, in sun, rain, snow or a UFO landing.

So, when I checked in on the election status today, I was floored to learn that there was low voter turnout in the state of NH due to – rain.

Rain? Really?

Part II.

Had I previously mentioned that mornings are beautiful when I’m up, feet on the floor at the crack of dawn, yet I more naturally tend toward staying up until then – no matter how hard I try to fight it? I get my best sleep between 5 am and 8 am, just saying.

The reason I am ‘just saying’ that is because I saw the weather forecast on Monday. I took seriously the threat of gusty winds, heavy rains and possible power outages. I knew myself well enough to know that when that weather hit, I wasn’t going to want to leave my home at all. The thought of standing in line with others to vote, holding an umbrella on a humid and moist day, just didn’t appeal to me. I knew if I didn’t get there before Mother Nature had her mood, I would risk not getting there at all. I know myself well.

Polls opened at 7 am – and I was there at 7 am, bright-eyed (sort of) and bushy-tailed (if I had a tail), as the saying goes. Blue ballots, red ballots, ID’s. Extra-diligent and cautious poll workers given the current state of discord in our political climate. My civic duty was fulfilled – what an honor.

I’m not saying that I’m wonderful, but what I am saying is you can always find a way to make happen what is important to you – and throw away what isn’t. I prioritized what is important – to me, and hopefully to our Granite State.

The gentleman in front of me at the polls had an issue when inserting his ballot, and it was rejected. A formal process ensued, yet we made small talk while waiting. Each of us saw the color of each other’s ballots (by the way MA folks, Democrats remain blue, and Republicans remain red in NH), yet we communicated. We and the line that ensued, talked, smiled, and probably figured out that all of us waiting to submit our vote would really enjoy hanging out together should we get the opportunity. Good people.

No matter what color our ballot, what side of the aisle we optimistically sit on (or choose, when forced to), we could be friends.

For anyone following this blog – always get out and vote, no excuse. We’ve become a society of excuses in a myriad of ways. Sometimes there are reasons, but don’t confuse them with excuses – big difference.

Be willing to share your perspective. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘majority’ or those simply looking to personally win. And never shy away from what you sincerely believe or lack the confidence to have a discussion as to who, what, when, how, or why.

I voted, and I was given the opportunity to change my status back to a proud Independent here in the Live Free or Die state of NH. Blue or Red? I’m Purple, but we never get that option.

If I was able to map out my voting plan and haul my rear out of bed at the crack of dawn, so can you.

Preparation is the key to success – be successful.

And may I not hear one opinion from the mouths of those who did not, and do not, vote. Not one.

Your vote WILL make a difference – but your lack of a vote, won’t.

VOTE in November.


Author: E.M. Murphy

A voracious writer, lifetime learner and eternal seeker who aims to open minds and hearts. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, humanity and humor is at the heart of my writing, reminding us that the key to success will always start with a genuine concern for others while making sure to be true to our authentic selves.

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