Don’t be sad for what you’re leaving behind. Get excited for what’s to come.

Each of us has our favorite season, or seasons. I fall into that rare category of people who actually likes winter, the runner-up to Autumn.

It seems the majority of folks in the Northeast live for summer, beach worthy weather and long days filled with light.

It also seems that they grow very sad when we need to leave that behind, when the days grow shorter and shorter, the nights longer, and a cool, crisp temperatures sneak in. The time when my spirit and energy soars.

But instead of looking a what you’re leaving behind, that which will come again soon enough, why not look forward to and appreciate what’s to come?

Sweatshirts and football. Epic creations simmering all day in the crockpot. Hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Brisk air that invigorates us and puts a extra skip in our step. Clear, dark, star filled nights.

This lists just a few, but the possibilities are endless if you only shift your perspective and look at the joys of the season rather than dwell on the joys of the one just passed. Looking ahead at what’s to come is filled with hope and anticipation, rather than looking back with a sense of loss and longing.

Autumn hits the calendar this Thursday. Find new ways to bring joy to the season, and the seasons to come.