The liberation of routine.

As a free-spirited non-conformist, I’ve always found myself dismissive of routines and tended to embrace a non-committal approach to living. It wasn’t that I feared commitment or was a rebel at heart, it was simply because I was tied to the work schedules and deadlines that consumed my day to day.  I celebrated any opportunity to just simply be.  Time was not my own, thus I ensured that my free time remained just that – free.

When I was not traveling or working, spending time at home with no schedule to adhere to was a luxury.  The simple pleasure derived from rising without the boisterous sound of an alarm clock and not concerning myself with how much sleep I could squeeze in due to a 3 AM wake-up call was pure bliss.  It was work hard, play hard, crash and burn – repeat. Continue reading “The liberation of routine.”