Pandemic relief for those who let themselves go.

What was I forced to give up and what did I choose to? How did COVID-19 impact my life?

These were questions that arose as I conducted my year-at-a-glance review. 

When COVID-19 crept into our world, it was a slow, insidious process for many.  We listened to scientific experts and watched the news, yet I’m not certain if we fully grasped the impact it would have on our lives.

Then in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the pandemic hit hard. Fast and furious replaced the slow and insidious.  There was conflicting information and data.  Non-essential workers went home with their must-have business tools to conduct their professional lives.  What we thought would be a week or maybe a month transformed into what we now refer to as ‘the new normal’ – twelve plus months later. Continue reading “Pandemic relief for those who let themselves go.”