The winner takes it all.

A competitive nature is something that we’ve been conditioned and taught to value. When we hear someone labeled as a winner, we equate that with tireless energy, unyielding effort and unlimited potential. The word is synonymous with success and everyone wants a winner on their team.

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Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?

Ignorant has three meanings according to Google search: (1) lacking knowledge or awareness in general, uneducated or unsophisticated, (2) lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing and (3) discourteous or rude.

Stupid has two meanings according to Google search: (1) having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense and (2) a stupid person, often used as a term of address.

A reader on a Facebook group to which I belong commented that I should change ignorant to stupid.  Why?  Because ignorant means uninformed  which can be easily remedied vs. stupid which cannot be remedied externally. Continue reading “Ignorant vs. Stupid – Who is to say?”

It’s Fat Tuesday!

As Catholics prepare for the most holy time of the year, I hope if that’s you that you’ll consider this on the eve of your Lenten journey.

Most give up something, a sacrifice for 40 days. But it is often more difficult to commit to something, adding a positive or constructive habit for that specific length of time, than it is to give up.

So rather than cutting out sweets or taking a hiatus from social media, may you do some good this season. Donate one dollar each day, if you’re able, to a worthy cause. Add a new and positive habit to your routine. Practice a random act of kindness daily.

Sacrifice doesn’t always equal giving up – it just may mean making a commitment and sticking to it. Food for thought this evening.

The Dangers of Ignorance.


The word alone evokes an equivalent response to nails on a chalkboard or vehicles traveling at a high speed when they collide, crashing into one another, pieces of metal and glass flying everywhere.


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My Valentine Wish.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day.

Flowers, candy and cards filled with words that give our feelings a voice.  Restaurant reservations a must and all kinds of expensive add-ons appear on the menu – from rose placement on the table, musicians to serenade you with songs of love or a high priced bottle of champagne to toast your love. Continue reading “My Valentine Wish.”

Daily thoughts. Points to ponder. Soulful reflections.

As we dance through our Saturday, complaining about the cold, the impending snow and our COVID restrictions, let us take a moment to remember how good we have it.

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Daily thoughts. Points to ponder. Soulful reflections.

“Be kind to others, but be compassionate with yourself.”

My tea bags are great reminders each day for how to live. The inspirational quotes are refreshing and uplifting.

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The Soul of Eros.

That day of love is fast approaching and soon our calendars will land on February 14, most popularly known as Valentine’s Day.

It creeps up on us every year.  Twenty-four hours of sadness and longing for broken hearts and those who are desperately yearning for their other halves.  Twenty-four hours of bliss for those who have found a romantic partner and celebrate the commercialization of Eros, the passionate love defined in Greek mythology as a desire for another person’s physical body. Continue reading “The Soul of Eros.”