Had you ever stopped to consider – we’re part of the problem?

Countless times I’ve proclaimed that I’m considering removing myself from Facebook. I have a blog account – keep. I’m opening a charitable account soon – keep. But the personal social account is fraught with conflicting emotions.

What value does it bring to my life?

I live for the dog posts. I look forward to the family and friend posts. Yet I recall how many years I lived without Facebook – and other social channels. Those were great times and memories of a time when I was completely engrossed in life – not recording it, documenting it, or scrolling it while I was physically present with others. Continue reading “Had you ever stopped to consider – we’re part of the problem?”

Where are our priorities?

As I woke to greet another day, my foggy mind reflected immediately upon how fortunate we are.

No bombs. No gun shots. No buildings burning to the ground. No immediate fear for our lives, wondering where we will go or most importantly – will we live to have another moment.

Continue reading “Where are our priorities?”