Put the ‘live’ in the moment.

Are you the type of person who engages with those around you – or simply goes through the motions of life, shielding yourself from any potential interaction each day?

Would you recognize the coffee kid who serves you in the morning at your drive-thru of choice?  Would you acknowledge the waitress from your favorite haunt if passing by her on the street?  How about your friendly Lowe’s clerk from Aisle 16, the one who shares a friendly smile as you pretend to be reading a label until he walks on by?  Continue reading “Put the ‘live’ in the moment.”

What do you want written on your tombstone?

How often do we read that when we look back on our lives, we will never wish that our tombstones read: “I wish that I’d worked more.”

Yet I’ve grown quite comfortable and certain in saying that there are some who not only want that, but need that.

We try to help because we believe in taking control of our lives – personally and professionally, thus we expel experiences, stories and accounts of how they, too, can do this.

We offer up our wisdom and skills on how to manage time, energy and resources – yet the person never seems to make that work. They consistently find a reason or share a story – which is really an excuse – of why they are underwater and overwhelmed.

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4 Ways to Jumpstart Adding some Spice to Your Life.

“Maybe she hung out with them, but doesn’t mean she was like them.”

My father has come a long way. He has most certainly evolved. I’m starting to think that maybe I did raise him well.

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