Oh, I love a rainy night.

And I’m not talking about the song by Eddie Rabbit, though I do love that, too, and it brings back fond memories of someone who was once very dear to me.

I am talking about truly loving a rainy night, along with a rainy morning and rainy day – especially in the fall, when cool temperatures arrive and the kettle is on the boil, possibly with some whiskey in the tea.

Maybe I am a product of my ancestors, my Celtic roots, from Killarney, Ireland to Aberdeen, Scotland. Maybe it’s the writer in me, finding inspiration in the melody of orchestrated raindrops or claps of thunder brightened with flashes of lightning.

Rain is what it is and I realize that it sours many an event. But we can make the most of it, should we choose to find the beauty in it.

For me, rain is solace. It is also inspirational, soothing, and downright pleasurable. Rain provokes feelings of peace and calm.

So tonight, as the rain falls if it’s falling where you are, sit back, close your eyes and listen. Let the sound wash over you. Let your body relax, your mind wander, and your soul release. Inhale the dew, exhale your worries. Be still every part of you.

We can hate rainy days, or find inspiration and comfort in between raindrops. I encourage you to choose the latter.

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Despite the fact that most people crave sunshine on a cloudy day, I must admit that a bit of rain does wonders for my soul.

The sound of water hitting the roof and pummeling the windows while the wind howls is somehow soothing. The smell of rain when it falls upon freshly cut grass is aromatic and oddly tantalizing. People vacate the streets, making it a perfect day for a walk with plenty of room to wander.

The mind quiets. The body relaxes. The heart is fulfilled. And the soul – just pure magic, what else can I say.

How do you feel about the rain?