Expect nothing less than what you expect.

“I cannot be in a relationship with him because he disappoints me.”

What a genuine statement and how readily I agreed with my friend when she stated this in response to my question about her relationship with a male friend.

“I put expectations on men.”

Ah, yes! Brilliantly said and I so related more to her statement.

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What we can learn from the seasons.

As I looked out at the vibrant leaves hanging from the trees, I reflected upon the beauty of autumn.

The native New Englander within me may be biased, but there is nothing better than fall in the northeast.

The air is cool and crisp, fresh and invigorating. The moon is illuminated even brighter against the night sky. Wood stoves take off the chill and leaves rustle on the ground as the wind rushes them along.

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Life’s simple pleasures.

Family and friends never believe me when I state that I enjoy cleaning up after a dinner party.

“Right, sure you do,” my cousin scoffed tonight.

But I do. It’s a truth. It’s honest. Don’t doubt me.

Clearing the messy table. Doing the dishes. Putting away the lovely treasures that dress up a table.

I love it.

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Knowing when to seek understanding and when to let go.

As human beings, it seems commonplace to seek understanding or acceptance.

Intrinsically, we make efforts to understand how and why we feel the way we do while trying to figure out what to do with the tornado of emotions and feelings that can wreck havoc on our every day functioning.

Extrinsically, we grow frustrated with others because they don’t understand us. We tend to misplace our emotions and put the responsibility on others to make us feel better when in actuality, we can’t even begin to make sense of what we are feeling ourselves. We act out.

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Feeling – nostalgic.

Most of the time, I am grateful for modern conveniences and technology.

I am selfishly pleased when I can run an errand on a Sunday or at ten o’clock in the evening. I appreciate the opportunity to email and text others at all hours of the day or night. I like that we don’t really have to dress up for many occasions these days, an excuse to channel my inner slob when I see fit.  Continue reading “Feeling – nostalgic.”

Why we need Independents. A personal, political perspective.

Most posts start with the disclaimer: This is not political. This one starts with: This is indeed political.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, I’m confident you will find value in this piece.  I trust that you will read it with an open mind and contemplate my words with inquisitiveness rather than cast judgment. I will then challenge you to evaluate your own perspective and ask if you truly believe 100% in the party that you subscribe to. Continue reading “Why we need Independents. A personal, political perspective.”