Your daily thought, point to ponder and soulful reflection.

Daily thought: When we ask for honesty, we desire and expect to get the truth. It’s what we are seeking.

Point to ponder: Why do we find it so hard to be honest, even when we are constantly asking for it? Why do we fear hurting someone’s feelings and dancing around the honest answer when that is what they asked us for?

Soulful reflection: Honesty. It is the most sought after ask in life. Honesty from others, and honesty with ourselves. Yet we often shy away from it when asked for an ‘honest opinion’. We fear hurting someone or upsetting them. And sometimes – that does happen. You’re asked to be truthful then someone lashes out at you, or becomes defensive, when you are.

It’s a pet peeve of mine. When I ask you to be honest with me, I sincerely and willingly want you to be honest with me. I want to hear the hard truth, even if I don’t like it. I ask because I value you and seek your opinion. I want your input. I want to learn, grow and improve.

With those we love, family and friends, we owe them the truth. And we can deliver it with tact, kindness and diplomacy. We can be honest, and phrase it in a manner that truly helps them. As long as we are sincere and gentle with our thoughts and opinions, honesty should be easy.

The love of a dog.

As I spent time writing this evening, my fur-wonder stayed by my side.

When I had some things to finish before bed, my fur-wonder stayed by my side.

When I told my fur-wonder to go to bed, she did – for a hot second. Then she came back out to the hall to see what I was up to and why I was taking so long.

The guilt.

When I walked into my bedroom, there she was, sitting on the rug in front of the master bathroom sink, waiting for me.

Every night, no matter how exhausted she is, she sits or lays by my feet while I wash my face and brush my teeth. She will not get into the bed until I do. Even when she casts a questioning or judgmental glance, she waits for me.

The loyalty. The love. The devotion.

Yes – she is fickle, moody and temperamental. But she is faithful and committed.

The love a dog – there is nothing more genuine and true.

When you miss the one you love – even though it’s over.

Fiery love and torturous break-ups, tumultuous ups and downs, stops and starts. Lonely days and nights filled with nothing but endless heartache and longing. Angry periods filled with rage, hurt and venom.

These stories resonate with many, me included at one time. I sought out such articles and eagerly absorbed each word. I wrote such articles, my heart bleeding onto the screen with each keystroke, another tear falling from my eye.

Over time, the tears dried up and the acute heartbreak that once consumed me, became a dull ache that flared here and there. The severity of my symptoms would depend on the memory, the current state of mind and how volatile my mood. Many of these times could be analogized with a yo-yo, winding up tight, then slowly releasing. Continue reading “When you miss the one you love – even though it’s over.”

Turn off your phone, and tune into your life.

Social media and texting have become central to our daily lives. Many feel the need to check-in when they arrive somewhere, post where they’re having dinner, and much, much more.

I’m not bashing it in anyway and I’ve done the same over the years, navigating the social channels and learning about them for work, not personal, at the start. Had it not been for that, I’d still have my BlackBerry and had remained the Facebook anti-Christ. But I have to say, I love many aspects of these communication vehicles. It’s reconnected me with family and friends, introduced me to people with like interests around the globe, and serves in promoting a lot of good content – when we weed through it. On the flip side, it can also drain our bank accounts when our willpower is low, targeting us through ads that make us want what we never even knew existed. Apple pay, PayPal, Shop – click, it’s mine!

And let’s not discount how valuable social media – as well as texting, FaceTime, and the good old fashioned telephone call – was during the COVID years. It was instrumental in keeping us all connected, professionally and personally.

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An explosion of nostalgia.

As I watched the local Fourth fireworks celebration from my window this evening, I thought how wonderful it is to live where I do and have this pleasure from the comfort of my home.

Then I scratched my head. Where I grew up, I had this opportunity every year. Not just a local fireworks celebration, but the Fourth of July extravaganza on the Boston Esplanade.

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So did you?

Did you stop and make the time to reflect? Did you look back on June to learn what went well, and what didn’t? Did you look ahead at what you want to improve upon or accomplish over this new month?

July is here and for those of us in the northeast, that means the lazy, hazy days of summer. For most of us, lazy is not part of the equation and we can find ourselves busier than ever. Fourth of July cookouts and summer travel plans. Late nights spent outside under a star filled sky, and early mornings to ensure you get as many hours as you can of the daylight to soak up the sun. May you enjoy each and every moment.

Be mindful. Be grateful. And make it a great month.

Talking about the hard stuff.

There are subjects that many people, if not most, don’t want to talk about. They don’t even want to think about them, never mind discuss them.

It seems to be more common than not to avoid topics that evoke fear, worry or stress. We want to avoid things that cause us angst or pain, tucking it away in our minds and hoping that it miraculously figures itself out without our participation.

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