When a weight is lifted.

There are many times in life when we convince ourselves that we are good. We also work hard to convince others by justifying or defending our state of goodness, because clearly, they need help understanding.

Often those closest to us can see what we cannot. Not always, but often. Yet we resist, fight, and pull back.

Recently, I experienced this. My heart and soul held on to something that hadn’t been good for seven years – but I was good.

Something tells me that you already skipped to the moral of the story. I wasn’t good.

When we stay in situations or relationships that aren’t good for us, we suffer. We may not realize it, but those less than scenarios leave us depleted. The mental landscape covered, and the emotional energy expended are exhausting. We may think we are fine, but we’re far from it.

Sometimes, we need to step back and honestly evaluate why we stay where we don’t belong. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a habit. Why? What keeps us connected? If we are hurting from any of those, why do we continue?

Often, when we examine our reasons, we will find that we are holding on to nothing more than a false sense of security. We are wrought with fear and anxiety, whether founded or not, afraid of letting go of what may bring us more pain, than joy.

Listen to your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t sit well with you, it’s most likely not right for you. And sometimes, whether people own up to it or not, we need to ween ourselves off a person or habit like a drug. It may take time – it may take years, but you’ll detach. And when you do – it’s an incredible feeling, even if the first days find you feeling off and somewhat melancholic. That’s to be expected.

Then, one day, you will awake and feel good. You’ll realize that the one thing that was consuming you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and as a result, physically, is fading into your past.

A weight is lifted. A sense of holistic freedom fills your very being – a sound mind, a happy heart and a peaceful soul. The world is yours to devour.