I can’t come, it’s raining: NH Primary Elections, 2022

Now I can completely relate to not doing most things in the rain, truly can. Rainy days should be spent in Ireland, Scotland, or England – maybe even Seattle; where we expect, and even appreciate, such weather. We think of it as ambient. Why, of course!

It’s quite possible that I channel my Celtic roots on rainy days. I find some tunes to accompany the weather, and mentally transport myself. Frankly, I really like cold, rainy days – any rainy days – when I get to be at home and not deal with the hassles of commuting or dealing with the elements in any way.

But I don’t feel that way when it comes to voting, on any occasion. I will endure any kind of weather to cast my vote – in person, honorably. Continue reading “I can’t come, it’s raining: NH Primary Elections, 2022”

What will you choose to be aware of today?

There is no shortage of ‘awareness’ events on this 13th day of September. Here are your choices:

Be sure to take five minutes, click on the links above, and learn more about each one.

Today is National Day of Encouragement.

So consider it done – I am encouraging you to do the following:

  • Make time for what’s important
  • Never think it’s too late
  • Be honest, be sincere, be authentic
  • Do what you love
  • Never feel less than – you are enough
  • Let your pride and ego go – life is short so live fully, laugh often and love deeply
  • And lastly, be the reason someone wants to go on, be the inspiration and pay this forward by being someone’s source of encouragement today.

9/11: Never forget. Always remember.

It’s me again, watching every replay of September 11, 2001.

So many want to forget or repress the memories of that day, yet I hold fast to the belief that we need to remember every moment. We need to recall the shock, angst, and fear. We need to rekindle our patriotism, unity and strength.

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Serving a life sentence: Addiction.

Addiction is a prison. It holds one hostage within one’s self, the worst hell of all.

Some can overcome, and some just can’t stop the endless cycle. Despite intervention, rehab, meetings and more, they can’t release the demon that possesses their soul: alcohol or drugs.

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