For the one who tried tirelessly to make it work.

You’re exhausted, aren’t you?

Sometimes we need to let go, and that’s not easy.

We need to remind ourselves, when we travel down memory lane, that we made every effort and acknowledge the fact that if the other person cared, s/he would be reaching out.

But they’re not. And maybe they can’t, or won’t, because they wanted it to end – yet didn’t have the courage to own up to that.

So stop beating yourself up. Stop wishing and praying. And see things as they are.

It won’t be easy, but each time you want and wish remember – if they wanted to be with you, they’d be here. Simple as that.

Accept, let go, and move on. You deserve to be free, and find contentment.

On letting go.

As human beings, we more often than not try to control everything.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Our words, actions and behavior.  And sadly the future, believing that we can control the direction of our lives and how others may feel, react or treat us.

The only real thing we have control over is cultivating our ability to let go.  We may not need to let go of people or things, but we may need to let go of analyzing potential outcomes and dwelling on what if’s. Continue reading “On letting go.”