As I said ….

Improvement of my communication skills is a continuous endeavor.  Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fall short – way short.

The latter is not intentional. It may be a slip of the tongue, nerves that opened my mouth before my head put on the brakes or a professional tone or inflection that is perceived as arrogant, condescending and pompous.  Continue reading “As I said ….”

Tip of the day.

There is no greater joy than bringing happiness to another.

So many people are lonely and crave human contact, especially during COVID-19.

Listen closely and be attuned to the people who surround you. There are many safe ways to connect – and share time with those we like, love or choose to care for.

Be a blessing and be there for others in this crazy world. The joy you will be filled with is priceless and it is – or should be – what living is all about.

Tip of the day.

What is happiness?

Happiness is waking-up in the morning, welcoming the gift of another day, breathing in the mystery of life.

Happiness is starting from a place of gratitude, truly appreciating what you have and not pining for what you don’t.

Happiness is being of service to others. When you lend a helping hand, you are a blessing to someone else and this should bring you joy.

Happiness is being mindful. Staying in the present and embracing the future as it unfolds.

Happiness is acceptance. We cannot control things, but we can control our reaction and attitude. Accept the things you cannot change. And change the things you can.

Happiness is a choice you get to make each day.

Choose happy.