Wherever you go, there you are.

We all have our days when we want to run away. A different locale, or a switch in geography that will help us escape – ourselves.

It is true. There are times that a change of scenery affords us just the diversion we need to return back to – ourselves.

As I searched cottages for later this year and into the next, I kept returning to the question why?

Yes, oceanfront sunrises are the best. Yes, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Yet I couldn’t settle or justify the why.

My darling Vivienne would be tense for a number of days. There would be a lot of effort put into leaving behind what has become my home for a brief period of time. After all, I now have plants and herbs.

And as much as I want to – I don’t.

My weekends in Maine are annual – one with friends, the other with family.

But I’m blessed with a road trip that I can make any day – like today. In an hour, I’m at the ocean. I’m in York. I’m at the Playhouse. I’m a million miles away in my mind, yet an hour from home.

How grateful am I.

Yet my home is my sanctuary. It is not a place I want to escape, but a place I want to spend more time – even if I do work from here. I love my surroundings. I am comforted in my space. I am content, satisfied and – happy.

Wherever I go, there I am.

Create a space and life you don’t want to escape – but rather one you want to retreat to.

Home is wherever your heart is.

Home is where the heart is.

As a mentor for The Elephant Academy writing course, I crafted this based on the ask for their first assignment.  My contribution focuses on home and what it means to me. 

There are houses, and there are homes.  A house provides shelter to meet our fundamental needs, but a home is so much more.

A home should be one’s refuge.  It may be filled with the things that bring us joy and comfort, like heirlooms and photos.  It may be sparse, an open space with a minimalist approach that gives us a sense of freedom.  We create a home that meets our needs, displays our own sense of personal style and reflects our soul. Continue reading “Home is where the heart is.”