Life’s simple pleasures.

Family and friends never believe me when I state that I enjoy cleaning up after a dinner party.

“Right, sure you do,” my cousin scoffed tonight.

But I do. It’s a truth. It’s honest. Don’t doubt me.

Clearing the messy table. Doing the dishes. Putting away the lovely treasures that dress up a table.

I love it.

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Are you pursuing your passions?

If you didn’t say yes, start today. No excuses. There’s never a good time to do anything, but you need to do it – now.

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Fulfill your dreams. Help others. Share your gifts with the world.

We’ll never be perfect. We may always be insecure. And we may doubt that we have anything to offer. This doubt may be inside of you, or imposed by others.

Remove the doubt. Put away the fear. Start today.

Daily thoughts. Points to ponder. Soulful reflections.

As we dance through our Saturday, complaining about the cold, the impending snow and our COVID restrictions, let us take a moment to remember how good we have it.

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