Life’s simple pleasures.

Family and friends never believe me when I state that I enjoy cleaning up after a dinner party.

“Right, sure you do,” my cousin scoffed tonight.

But I do. It’s a truth. It’s honest. Don’t doubt me.

Clearing the messy table. Doing the dishes. Putting away the lovely treasures that dress up a table.

I love it.

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Are you pursuing your passions?

If you didn’t say yes, start today. No excuses. There’s never a good time to do anything, but you need to do it – now.

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Fulfill your dreams. Help others. Share your gifts with the world.

We’ll never be perfect. We may always be insecure. And we may doubt that we have anything to offer. This doubt may be inside of you, or imposed by others.

Remove the doubt. Put away the fear. Start today.

Daily thoughts. Points to ponder. Soulful reflections.

As we dance through our Saturday, complaining about the cold, the impending snow and our COVID restrictions, let us take a moment to remember how good we have it.

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Tip of the day.

What is happiness?

Happiness is waking-up in the morning, welcoming the gift of another day, breathing in the mystery of life.

Happiness is starting from a place of gratitude, truly appreciating what you have and not pining for what you don’t.

Happiness is being of service to others. When you lend a helping hand, you are a blessing to someone else and this should bring you joy.

Happiness is being mindful. Staying in the present and embracing the future as it unfolds.

Happiness is acceptance. We cannot control things, but we can control our reaction and attitude. Accept the things you cannot change. And change the things you can.

Happiness is a choice you get to make each day.

Choose happy.

What are you grateful for today?

The turmoil in our country. The global pandemic. Everything happening makes it seem as if our world has been turned upside down. As if we are being tested in some way. A test of resilience. A test of strength. A test of humanity.

In the midst of it all, we can always find something to be grateful for – no matter how dismal things can get. We may simply need to look harder on certain days but I guarantee that if you can do this, you will find something.

Today, I am grateful for my loved ones. My family who means everything and more. A partner who is solid and true. The wonderful people who have touched my life, one who passed from this world today and will be missed dearly. The friends who are there in good times and bad. My fur companion who reminds me that a wagging tail and unconditional love can brighten any and every day.

Though I’m always grateful for them, today I find myself even more so. They are what makes life special. They are what gets us through. They are where we find hope, inspiration and compassion.

What are you grateful for today?

2020. A pivotal year.

May we look at what the past ten months gave to us rather than what it took away.

So many suffered in 2020. Sickness, deaths, job loss and more. By no means am I disregarding or disrespecting that pain, hardship or grieving. Some will appreciate the intent within this message while others may not. That’s up to your perspective and your decision to make.

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