An explosion of nostalgia.

As I watched the local Fourth fireworks celebration from my window this evening, I thought how wonderful it is to live where I do and have this pleasure from the comfort of my home.

Then I scratched my head. Where I grew up, I had this opportunity every year. Not just a local fireworks celebration, but the Fourth of July extravaganza on the Boston Esplanade.

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Snap. Crackle. Pop.

And I’m not talking about your Rice Krispies cereal.

Savoring a recuperative afternoon flipping through outdated magazines that need to find a new home or be recycled, my playlist was filled with classical pieces that were light on the ears and soothing to the soul.

As I turned the page, a song came on, noticeably dated. It was an early recording from La Boheme, “O soave fanciulla”.

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Feeling – nostalgic.

Most of the time, I am grateful for modern conveniences and technology.

I am selfishly pleased when I can run an errand on a Sunday or at ten o’clock in the evening. I appreciate the opportunity to email and text others at all hours of the day or night. I like that we don’t really have to dress up for many occasions these days, an excuse to channel my inner slob when I see fit.  Continue reading “Feeling – nostalgic.”