The luxury of laziness.

Most of us avoid laziness. We shun and condemn it, believing only the unmotivated participate in such an act. Not the achievers. Not the go-getters and those who want to succeed.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, there are some who make laziness a way of life. They harbor no desire to work, to get ahead or marvel in the self-satisfaction of accomplishment.

But for the others, slowing down is a must and serves as a means to recharging our batteries. It can result in a more clear mind, increased focus and greater productivity. It can be the much needed rest we need when we start feeling irritable, overwhelmed and dissatisfied.

Time is precious and we often feel obligated to fill every minute with activity, from work responsibilities to house cleaning and chores.

Yet sometimes, we need to perfect the art of doing nothing, to immerse ourselves in the simplicity and joy of quiet and calm. No commitments, no plans and no pressure.

So when you find yourself stretched beyond your limits, and your mind and body silently scream for a break, don’t push that feeling aside, but rather set aside some time to relax – and luxuriate in laziness.