What is Memorial Day?

There is confusion among some on the difference between Memorial and Veterans Day. Ask a child today what the difference is and many don’t know. Something to do with veterans. Something to do with the military. Something to do with flags.

I respect anyone who tries, anyone who respects our military and those who have served and sacrificed. I respect those who fly the flag, even if they’re unaware of proper protocol. I respect the fact that they are patriotic and harbor a love for country and national pride.

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Respect. Honor. Sacrifice.

When most Americans think of Memorial Day, they conjure up images of beach destinations, barbecues and the first official weekend of flip-flop season. It’s a carefree few days filled with fun, laughs and when the weather permits, lots of outdoor activities.

They plan what time the traffic will be at a minimum, load the cooler and pack the sunscreen. Jimmy Buffet sings a tune and everyone looks forward to wasting away in Margaritaville.

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