Criticism: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When we hear the word criticism, it can evoke a number of feelings.

It may spark memories of a relative or friend who consistently belittled us, putting us down and criticizing everything we did. Nothing was ever good enough. We always felt less than and insecure, possibly stunting our potential because of someone else’s opinion – someone we liked, loved and respected.

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Who are you to judge?

It’s astounding to read the endless opinions on social media. People don’t seem to hold back when they comment – or think twice before doing so. The majority are based on judgment, bias and criticism – and some are quite cruel.

We can all be cynics, filled with skepticism and yes, a little judgmental. None of us are guilt free. It’s human nature – and up to us to rise above, making an effort to be better than that. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail – more often than not.

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